UAE COVID-19: More than 5000 Pakistani registered for special flights.

UAE COVID-19: More than 5000 Pakistani registered for special flights.

After the Coronavirus spread all around the world most countries have closed their borders and also stop flight operations after coronavirus spread in Pakistan and UAE COVID-19, Flight operation is stopped between them and thousands of Pakistanis are stuck due to flight operation suspension. Yearly a larger number of Pakistanis go to Dubai for jobs and vacation. Currently, 1.6 Million Pakistanis working in different sectors of Dubai.  

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Ahmed Amjad Ali, consulate general of Pakistan in Dubai announced that more than 5000 Pakistanis registered on the online portal to fly back to Pakistan and numbers are increasing hourly. He also added that those special flights are for those Pakistani who lost their jobs and for those who stuck because their visas are expired.

Also there are people who are taking annual leave and want to visit their families in Pakistan. But in these special flights priority will be given to those who are jobless and stuck due to Visa expiration. In these flights people are also included , who are flying with dead bodies and other emergency cases.

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When special flights resume between both countries Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai asked Pakistani national to register themselves if they want to travel to Pakistan. All travelers film the request form and send their detail on whatsapp number: 0097156-3962911 or email details to

Suspension of entry of all valid visa holders is suspended by UAE government for two more weeks due to UAE COVID-19. And Ministry of foreign affairs asked valid UAE residence visa holders to register themselves on Twajudi in case of emergency Ministry of foreign affairs will facilitate their safe return to the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.