Criticism or constructive criticism?

Criticism or constructive criticism?

Criticism is dangerous and it wounds us in many ways. We all face criticism in our early age by our family, friends, relationships and later on in our professional life as we grow older.

We all are not perfect, we have flaws, we make mistakes and we end up making bad decisions.

We criticize each other and when we do that we do not think for a single second that we are hurting someone’s pride that we are hurting someone’s sense of importance.

We start criticizing when we are failing at something or losing something we once had. We start with the blames and complain that he/she or they didn’t help us, that they didn’t give us time, that they didn’t give us the opportunity to achieve our goals; we criticize everyone but ourselves for our wrongdoings.

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Do Constructive Criticism on yourself

We never criticize on ourselves we always play the blame game no matter how wrong we are, no matter how wrong our acts are, we don’t look into ourselves, into our mistakes.

Why we don’t criticize ourselves but others? Because criticism is a negative notation used to cause anxiety and depression.

It affects us too in the same way as others and we start to think negatively about ourselves that I don’t have the capacity of doing something good, that I am not able to do this task, that I am weak.

What happens if we do constructive criticism instead of criticism?

If we want to move towards success and to achieve our goals, if we want to win, if we want to build beautiful relationships, if we want to make our dreams come true all we have to do is start looking into ourselves for the things we lack in.

It always starts with acceptance! Acceptance of our wrongdoings, acceptance of why we failed at something. Start by looking into the mistakes that you did. When you analyze yourself you will find a way towards success, this success is your gateway towards happiness. This success determines your growth as an individual.

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Give Comfort to others:

Most of us experience in our professional and in our personal life that we don’t give comfort to others.

Comfort comes from listening! We don’t give them time and space, we don’t give them a chance to overcome their flaws, we always give orders and threaten them to do what we want.

In return what do we get? When we turn back they start doing the same thing that we want to change in them.

Do you want to change something in someone?

Try to provide them the comfort of talking to you of confiding in you, talk to them in a pleasant tone, respect their feelings, and then tell them why this is important for them, why this habit is not good for them and what consequences they will face if this habit of theirs persists.

When you do this they will start listening to you and they will change what you want to change in them.

Build each other up with constructive criticism and you will see the change you want to see in society as a whole.