Daylight Savings Time Begins Sunday

Daylight Savings Time Begins Sunday

We have turned the page on the calendar to a new month. March is a mysterious month. It is cold, snowy and builds up hopes for spring.

March is also the least favorite month as this is the month when Daylight Savings Time begins. That being said, March 8, Sunday is the day to move forward or you can say Spring Forward. Time to set your clocks ahead before going to bed!

Daylight Savings Time apparently occurs so we may make better use of natural daylight. Not only the clock times need to change, but it takes a person some time to adjust according to the new time.

Here are some tips to help your body adjust and prevent time-change sleepiness:

Prepare for it early. Start a week before Springing forward and go to bed 15-20 minutes earlier than you actual time.

Always follow your schedule. Be regular in basic activities, like eating, socializing, exercising and bed times.

Don’t opt for long naps. Avoid naps so you can get proper and full night sleep. IF you really want to take a nap, make sure it is not more than 20 minutes.

Cut down on coffee and alcohol especially 4-6 hours before bedtime. Alcohol affects the quality of sleep, so might as well stay away from it late at night.

Bedtimes routines aren’t just for kids, they’re for adults too. Make sure that you don’t raise your body temperature at night time as it makes sleeping harder in that case you must avoid heavy workouts before few hours of bedtime.

Also, get rid of all sorts of screens at bedtime as electronics light stimulates the brain and triggers sleeplessness. Instead, grab a nice book to read before sleeping. Staying consistent every night with your sleeping routine also includes weekends. Some people love sleeping in on a weekend, the idea is totally good but disrupts the sleep cycle.