Deadpool 3- Ryan Reynolds wants it RIGHT NOW!

Deadpool 3- Ryan Reynolds wants it RIGHT NOW!

Ryan Reynold loved a fan-made poster of Deadpool 3 and responded to it. He said that he’d definitely want to do another Deadpool movie as soon as possible. Reynolds got famous when he played the role of a Merc with a Mouth (Deadpool), the role which changed his presence in the entertainment history altogether.

Deadpool first appeared in the comics about 10 years ago, and there was a brief and quite passive version of Deadpool played by Reynold in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And it seemed that the solo movie with the character will not see the daylight.

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After putting together, a sizzle reel and leaking it online purposely, Fox gave a green signal to create the movie and the movie was a massive hit. The movie was a combination of humor and action and reached many success marks after its release. It became on the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time and won many awards for best fight, and comedy.

After two years Fox released a sequel (featuring X-Force altogether and killing them all afterward) which was even a greater hit and showed how fans were craving for the Deadpool action. But Fox (got acquired by Disney and) never gave a statement or hint on Deadpool 3 and fans are showing their love and anxiousness for another installment in the franchise.

Reynolds has shown his love for the movie and proved that he wants Deadpool 3 more than his fans. He responded to a fan-made poster of Deadpool 3 captioned “WE NEED IT RIGHT NOW” to which Reynold replied “Ditto”. Fan altered the image of Ryan Reynold in his upcoming movie Free Guy which got delayed due to the corona Pandemic. He can be seen wearing a Deadpool costume and a host of Marvel eggs are photoshopped in the poster.

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But there came no words from the officials, and Deadpool 3 might be the last thing on the mind of officials at Disney. As Disney acquired Fox they have not released any plans for the fate of the characters of X-Men Universe. They just released an already-completed movie New Mutants and there has been no word since. 

Reynolds once said that Deadpool 3 is in the development but there has been no word ever since 2019. However, Rob Liefeld, the Deadpool creator said that Deadpool 3 might not happen at all as he was not contacted by anyone from the Marvel Studios.

We can’t say anything about what will happen to the X-Men characters in the future but we think that Marvel should avail a chance to earn insanely by Deadpool 3 as the first two movies were a massive hit. The first two movies made Deadpool the second-popular character after Wolverine.

Ryan Reynolds is busing in filming a comedy movie right now with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. We believe that Deadpool 3, should not remain a dream. Even if the movie is not R-rated and is PG 13, fans won’t mind it. Unfortunately, as of now Deadpool 3 is just in the dreams of the fans.