Dealing With Negative People

Dealing With Negative People

We all have negative people all around us and they aren’t the kind of people you’d want to be with. They know how to spin the conversation or discussion in a negative direction and being around them can be very draining and exhausting mentally.

Here are some ways that can help you deal with negative people:

Don’t bother arguing:

The important and wise thing to do is never indulge yourself in an argument with the negative person. They will take the conversation down with the most negative comments against your opinions and will not change no matter what. They will find reasons to back their argument up and to justify whatever they are saying. Your constructive comments won’t matter and you will only be wasting your time and effort on them without reaching any conclusion.

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Negative People

Show them empathy:

People who are negative always seek empathy instead of the solutions that they should take as to what should be done to change their thinking. They will always let their emotions come in their way rather than being practical and using their brains.

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Help them:

Usually people always complain when they are seeking help or need a helping hand. Use their cries for help as a request to help them. By simply asking if they are okay or do they need anything will do wonders.

Negative People

Talk about lighter topics

Negative people are usually triggered by different topics. For instance if you talk about work they will ultimately start complaining about it and the issues they have at work.

To avoid such cases, always talk about lighter topics with them so that the conversation doesn’t escalate or heats up in any way. For instance, talk about movies, friends or about any new restaurant. Keep it light and crisp so the person stays positive with you.

Negative People

Ignore them:

If the conversation heats up or the negative person starts making negative comments all you can do is ignore the negativity and try and end the conversation with simple and short replies like OKAY. Do this more often so that they know that you avoid negative comments and you don’t want to talk about any negative stuff- maybe in this way they will refrain from saying anything that you avoid.

Appreciate them for positive things:

Negative people are not just negative for others but for themselves as well. If you feel uncomfortable around them, think how they feel all the time. You must allow yourself to praise or appreciate them if they do something good or positive. This will boost their morale and make them feel good and somehow they will be inclined towards doing positive things more often for appraisals or appreciations.

Negative People

Avoid them or make no contact:

If everything fails, then the last option is that you totally avoid that negative person and make no contact with them. If they are your friend, you can tell them that their negativity is affecting your personality, work and personal life. Spending time with them isn’t healthy hence avoiding them is the better option otherwise it will drain you. Time is precious so spend it in the best possible way with positive energy and vibes around you rather than being exhausted by negative energy.