Death Rates Spiked Up In New York

Death Rates Spiked Up In New York

In New york The increased number of cases is pushing the hospitals and healthcare facilities beyond their capabilities. However, the Health Dept. has asked the hospitals to expand their capacity from 50 to 100%.

The state of New York has crossed 114 death toll due to the deadly Coronavirus. 15,000 new cases have been reported in the USA and 1,700 cases are from Washington state. 

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The government has announced all healthcare institutions including nursing homes to expand their capacity and postpone all elective surgeries until the next announcement.

The beds in the Intensive Care Units are however still limited depending upon the availability of the ventilators.

Moreover, the governor also asked federal government to set up temporary hospitals with the order of the Army Corps of Enginners at four different sites across the state. Construction will commence soon.

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As much as the governor is getting appreciations for all his support regarding the issue, criticism prevails as autonomy suggests minimum support from the e federal government.

Governor said that the states is in dire need of medical supplies and for that they are letting federal government intervene. As there is w scarce of medical supply across the states, they need protective gear including masks, gloves and gowns.