Demi Lovato Boyfriend proposed to her!

Demi Lovato Boyfriend proposed to her!

Demi Lovato Boyfriend (Max Ehrich) proposed to her and she said Yes! Demi Lovato, age 27, and Max Ehrich, age 29, have been dating for five months and today they confirmed their engagement with a beach photo shoot on Instagram.

The American singer, author, lyricist and actress announced that she has found a partner for her life in Max Ehrich.  She stated in her post that her dad used to call her his little partner and everything made perfect sense but today she is officially someone else’s partner.

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She is wearing a prominent engagement ring, probably made of diamonds which can be seen in her Instagram picture.

She wrote that she is honoured to accept Max’s proposal and she is excited to start her life and family with him. She expressed her love very openly and her fans are still in awe.

Whereas, Demi Lovato Boyfriend, Ehrich posted on Instagram and wrote that he couldn’t spend even a second without having her in his life as a wife. Demi Lovato opened up about her orientation with her parents and she also told them that she may not end up with a woman.  At that time she was unsure of her future, she expressed that she doesn’t know when or will she start a family, it may be in 10 years or she may not have a partner ever.

Some of the famous songs by Demi Lovato are Sorry not sorry, Sober, Heart Attack, Stone Cold, Give your Heart a Break and many others.

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Demi Lovato has faced mental health struggles, and she always seems ready to help people who face anxiety, depression, abuse etc. She also launched “The Mental Health Fund” to support organizations which are helping mental health problems in the pandemic situation.

Demi Lovato boyfriend makes her happy and complete as we can see from her smile and eyes in her post. We wish the couple a very good life ahead!