Demi Lovato Engagement Ring – a Beginning of Always!

Demi Lovato Engagement Ring – a Beginning of Always!

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich surfaced the news around five months back when they were dating officially. None of them ever denied the news and fell for each other. She has openly confessed her love for Ehrich and wrote in an Instagram post that she is lucky to have someone loving her unconditional (as per parents). She also wrote that it was love at first sight, the moment they both met they knew they were in love. Well along with this post she announced that they both are engaged. Fans were so excited with the news but another thing that caught everyone’s attention was Demi Lovato Engagement ring.

The Instagram post not just captured the couple but also Demi Lovato engagement ring was quite visible in the picture.

The ring is an Emerald cut diamond ring, created by Peter Marco (famous Beverly Hills jeweller), Ehrich (famous for “The Young” and “The Restless”)

There is a prominent centre diamond and two complimentary diamonds that are trapezoid-shaped. The diamonds are embedded in either platinum or white gold loop. According to experts, the emerald cut diamond is no less than 8 to 10 carats, while the trapezoid diamonds are around ¾ carats of diamond each. This makes the ring around 9.5 to 11.5-carat diamonds. An estimate tells that the ring must have cost Ehrich around $450,000 to $850,000, based on the quality of the centre diamond (emerald cut).

Demi Lovato engagement ring is not the first emerald cut received by a celebrity. Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Lawrence also got emerald cut diamond rings on their engagement. Brooklyn Beckham proposed her then-girlfriend Nicola Peltz with an emerald cut diamond ring last week.

However recently delicate engagement rings are in trend but the thick band and a bigger diamond of Demi Lovato engagement ring might set a new trend!