Developed Nations and their Attitude towards Education

Developed Nations and their Attitude towards Education

Rise of nations, should it be analyzed, from the very birth of civilized societies starting from farmers and hunters patterns, River valley civilizations, Mesopotamia civilization, Incan civilization, Roman civilization, Maya civilization or any other civilization from the era of stones to present civilized and global world the only difference we, very vividly, found is the difference in education amongst nations. All developed nations which have been more educated or skilled have been enjoying the power to triumph and rule. Either it was a byzantine empire, Roman Empire, the Muslim Empire or the British or, in the present time, the USA – the only factor, which has been very distinguished, was their standard of education.

Today, I come across the news in the BBC that UK has allocated a special fund with the name of “ Catch Up Fund for Pupils” of UK pounds 1 B for the students which would experience a lag in their studies and would be needing special coaching in different subjects. As parents, we would not have even thought about it but before the parents and students would realize for such a need the Govt. of UK realized this coming need, associated with schools closures due to COVID 19 pandemic, and has allocated sufficient resources for this task to bring all pupils on the same level of understanding post-pandemic. In the same way, for the health of the students, the Govt. is to keep providing lunch assistance till Oct 2020, in school closed days, to ensure the best health of students regardless of their affordability of good food.

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This is called how serious and developed nations think, plan, and invest in the future to secure their rule and their edge on the other nations. This is called investment in Human Resources of the country. This called the belief that healthy minds and physically fit generations take the country ahead in the race of nations.

It is difficult to time for the world and for the UK as well. But it shows the level of seriousness a nation has for the coming generations. The Govt. is under pressure due to financial difficulties as tax income has nosedived since March, many companies are being shut, a lot of people has already filed for financial assistance, there is much more burden on financial resources but the need of education and better education is on the top priority and Govt. understands its importance.

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This is a reason that we still see that wherever The British rule has been in the world after hundred years still the systems built in that time either it is railway system, post system, river system, canal system, roads, bridges etc. that system is still working and delivering because the engineers and minds which planned and executed those projects were very well educated and trained and determined.

UK’s educational budget is UK 100 B each year which is 5.60 percent of its GDP. UK is spending 100 B pounds on students of approx. 15.00 M. that means that it spends approx. 7,000 pounds per child per year. That shows the seriousness for education by the Govt.

The same goes for the other developed countries. Modern education means technology and sciences. Underdeveloped countries are still digging two professions of classic times – medical and engineering but in advanced economies, modern education has got many other dimensions such as Liquid Physics, Robotics, Micro Chips electronics, software etc.

Coming era shall be of technology and science – a change from all classics to most modern lifestyles starting from automatic driverless cars and trains to drones delivery systems and buying and purchasing patterns.

All nations who wish to survive in the coming times shall have to make the best education as priority number 1 and follow the steps of developed economies in the education sector.