Did Contagion Predict Corona Virus?

Did Contagion Predict Corona Virus?

Although Contagion was released in 2011 but if you watch it today you will feel like it’s made on corona virus outbreak. The movie has many similarities with the recent corona virus spread across China and other countries. Contagion shows the epidemic disease that spreads around the world leading to death of millions.

Here we list some of the similarities that surprisingly Contagion movie and the recent virus outbreak have.

Reason of disease

In the movie birth of virus remains a mystery to the doctors but the bats are shown to be the reason of the virus. Similarly in real life the exact reason of the virus is still unknown but the virus is shown to have a connection to bat (as the first affected person drank the bat soup).


In Contagion the origin country for  virus is CHINA same as in real life.


Patients in movie are shown to have high fever along with cough, and a doctor even says that the virus attacks lungs n brain, isn’t it the case with corona as well? Strange!!!

Virus Spread

Although corona virus has not been proved this deadly but still unrest can be seen around the world. However the way the virus spreads in the movie is same as corona virus. Touching and even breathing leads to transfer of virus. Contagion shows the virus spreading from even touch of the carrier same as real world corona virus.


At the end of the movie it is shown that virus has got no cure and as polio virus has no cure and vaccine is used for prevention. Vaccination is introduced to make people immune of virus. While in real life it’s in the news that scientists are making vaccine for COVID-19 Corona virus and it will be ready within a year to prevent people from this virus.


The movie shows a social media blogger who is a true representation of people conspiring on the basis of the disease. Social media influencers benefiting from bad situations and bad news. The blogger makes his 12 million devoted fans believe that the virus is created by the US government and Pharmaceutical companies to earn Profit and only a homeopathy medicine “forsythia” will work because he earns from that. He keeps spreading false information and wrong facts to gain fame and earn money.

Despite shocking similarities, there are some differences as well. The virus in the movie takes the life of the infected person while in real life the mortality rate is below 5%. It’s strange how a movie released a decade ago has so much in common with the present-day coronavirus.

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