Digital Age and Its Impacts on Kids Writing Skills – A Must Read For Parents

Digital Age and Its Impacts on Kids Writing Skills – A Must Read For Parents

The World has changed a lot; and still continues changing not limited to our life patterns, choices, values, customs, habits, writing skills, and our future – our kids.

In the early life of a kid, one notices that their actions are not coordinated. For example, when a kid tries to hold a colorful toy, in the first phase, his focus of the eye towards the toy, arms, and hand movements does not look coordinated. He forwards the arms towards the toy and then his hands go to another direction or he closes his fist before he approaches the object.  After some time and practice when he is successful to catch the toy he is not still able to keep it in one direction. Why is that? The reason is that there are neurons and motor neurons. The coordination amongst actions is controlled by motor neurons. These neurons get fine-tuned with time. Kids with good sharp brains speak early than little slow kids. The tongue movements are complex. The integration between tongue, hands, and reflexes is another complex task of the human brain and body. Kids learn these complex tasks as the brain grows, with time. In the same manner, their short memory expands with time, starting from minutes to days.

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Work on Your Child Reflexes

writing is the most complex and delicate out of all these body functions. Learning writing needs the most fine-tuning of motor neurons. When a child is writing properly, it can be the best indication that his / her motor neurons are fined tuned, at their best.

Getting a child to the highest level of fine-tuned motor neurons it needs him/her to develop object catching skills.  The child catch and hold different and complex objects; for example blocks, bricks, pencils, lags, heavy and light objects; enhancing holding capacity. Children would learn these skills that fine-tune motor neurons playing with blocks, hard and soft subjects at home. In the same way, they used to watch parents writing letters, computing numbers on copy or board, listing shopping items, writing notes, and presence of books and magazines on the floor which give the feeling of paper – its texture, softness and hardness and its pleasing smell that creates love in the mind of a kid for paper. That love would make children go with them a long way to become the best poets, writers, and scholars.

Writing and Brainstorming

It has been found with different researches that humans can come with the best ideas while they are writing on paper rather than when they are punching keyboards. The reason is that writing is the most delicate task when combined with mechanical exercise, of punching keyboards, the creativity of words and articulation of ideas from inner cores of mind to the fingers to transform ideas in shape of recognizable characters becomes weak. The quality of an article or book was written directly on paper would be far above the article which was directly typed. Art has a connection with the soul and the soul is too light to be combined with any mechanical exercise. Transforming ideas from the brain directly to finger movements and then passing to a pen is more delicate and artistic than punching the keyboard in different directions. As keys are located at different fixed points on the board the integration of mind gets disturbed while in handwriting it gets a boost as the letters form pleasant texture on the paper and give a pleasing message to mind.

Writing Disabilities Due to Gadgets

The Digital Age has given us scientific mileage and advancement with more robust gadgets but it is becoming a serious concern towards the mental and physical development issues of children. In the study, it has been noted that the kids coming to schools do not have the ability to catch a pencil properly. Because they have been playing with screens – writing pads, and smartphones. They do not have super tuned motor neurons. They cannot write well. For writing, they need strong muscles in fingers and hands, which they lack. If they try to write, in minutes their fingers and hands become tired or just freezes to write anything. That is worrisome. This is not only snatching one of the highest capability – writing – from them but also it is making them less sharp in acquiring other skills that need super tuned motor neurons. That is alarming as because of this we would have fewer poets, fewer fiction writers, and fewer professors and researchers in the society in the coming years. The research shall only be limited to the so-called “Google Research “.

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Parental Habits Effects on Children

It has become very vital that parents must redefine their own habits first for their future generations. Schedule your time for the screens and encourage children to use blocks, shapes, and objects of different weights to play with. Get your kids with colorful papers and pencils to generate love in them for pens and paper. Let’s feel the paper and let them write on the paper to get them super tuned motor neurons and strong muscles for fingers and hands. Try that children should write, write, write, and write more. The more they shall write, they shall be sharper in problem-solving skills. Their precision in making decisions shall be enhanced, and they shall be mentally strong. It is a proven fact the more fast a person writes and the more straight he/she writes the more good and timely decision-maker he would be and the better choice-maker he would be. The coming era is the era of choices. Humans shall have more choices and freedom, it has ever experienced. The more choices and the more freedom shall lead to a more vibrant life with more vibrancy but it shall require very precise and good decision-making skills. More choices get weak persons confused, we know it very well. And no one would like to have a confused generation.