Disney elephant documentary having Meghan Markle as the voice over.

Disney elephant documentary having Meghan Markle as the voice over.

It was astonishing as the news broke out that Meghan Markle decided to join Disney for the latest Disneynature documentary, Elephant. The public became so curious about the film project that was revealed by the Duchess of Sussex. Regarding voiceover work, Meghan Markle is not the first name that comes in mind, but Disney decided to cast her for the project.

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On Disney+, Elephant made its debut, and its starting chills all over the social media, on the inclusion of Meghan Markle. One fan on twitter got chills when she heard the voice of Markle in the documentary and referred her as my Queen.

These are some tweets that compliment Markle’s voice:

Fans are enjoying the voice of Meghan Markle and the story that’s being told in Elephant:

When it’s about nature documentaries, Disney has a very few big names to work as narrators. James Earl Jones, Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, and John Krasinski are some of the stars who gave their voice for the documentary features.

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Meghan Markle left Hollywood after she got married in the Royal family. Elephant was her first film or television role since she left the industry after Suits back in 2018. Recently she and Prince Harry left the position of a senior member of the royal family, now they have the opportunity to start a new occupation, and we assume that maybe this will not be the last role that she took. Meghan Markle’s latest work will be an interesting one to see what she has planned to lined up next because at this time it’s uncertain that she will possibly return to an acting career. Elephant is now available on Disney+ Streaming with other Disneynature documentaries.