Does a Paedophile deserve César Award?

Does a Paedophile deserve  César Award?

César Awards are also know as French Oscars. It has a huge significance in the world of film internationally.

But people are very furious on the jury of César Awards as Roman Polanski won the category of best director. A huge wave of rage is seen in women right activists and child protection Groups.

Polanski was proved guilty of manipulating, drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977. But before he could be deported or sentenced imprisonment he flew to France from the United States in 1978. Since then he has been a controversial celebrity.

Polanski’s “An Officer and a Spy,” won two awards one for best screenplay, and the other best director, won by Roman Polanski.

Though Polanski was not present at the ceremony he later on thanked his whole team who have worked with him on this movie which is based true story of a French army captain, who was wrongly proved convicted of treason.

Many actors marked their dissent by leaving the award night even some of them including French actress Adele Haenel exclaiming “Shame!”. Haenel shook

French film industry during the #MeToo movement when she claimed that a film director sexually abused her during her childhood. Even host of the night Foresti expressed her disappointment by posting “Disgusted” through her Instagram account. Even when she called upon the nominations she asked whether the audience should applaud or not.

Hundreds protested outside the Salle Pleyel Theatre, where the award night held, chanting slogans in favor of abuse victims, and demanding arrest of Polanski. The holdings stated “No César for Rapists”, “We believe you Victims”, and “Lock-up Polanski”.

The feminist groups have said that this award is a slap in face of pedophile and sexual abuse victims.

Some actors came in defense of Polanski claiming that an artist’s personal life should never be mixed with his talent. And the award is recognition of his work as director in an outstanding film nominated in 12 categories and it’s not a moral certificate of his character.

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