Does Castor Oil Work For Hair Growth?

Does Castor Oil Work For Hair Growth?

People change and so do their choices that is why every girl must have dreamt about having long hair at some point in her lifetime. In order to achieve long hair goals we follow what is passed on through generations, what do hair experts say and what does the latest research say. Achieving long hair is not a piece of cake, it requires hard work, dedication, and a lot of patience!! While some people do have good genes in hair growth it does not mean that those who don’t can’t have long hair. Whenever anyone wants to grow their hair the immediate thing that comes in their mind are oils and the king of oils Castor Oil for hair growth. But does it really help in hair growth?

Castor oil is a rich vegetable oil that is rich in nutrients. These nutrients are derived from castor beans found in tropical areas of Africa. Castor oil is proved to be beneficial for cosmetic purposes as well as medical issues. The good thing about this oil is that its original colour is pale yellow but when you heat it up it changes to black and you get black castor oil.

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Discussed deep down castor oil has a lot of fatty acids which helps in protecting the hair follicles and prevents them from inflammation. It helps circulate blood level on the scalp. It keeps the hair away from drying. It strengthens strands which makes the hair stronger,decreasing the chance of breakage.

When we talk about hair growth castor oil does not directly contribute in it. Due to fatty acids and nutrients castor oil carries it indirectly promotes hair growth but not as much as other oils does.

So what happens to the famous use of castor oil on eyebrows and eyelashes? Well for eyebrows it is safe to use as far as eyelashes are concerned to apply it with caution. The eye area is a sensitive area and anything that comes in contact with it needs a thorough knowledge. We recommend you not to use this on eyelashes as its not the risk worth taking.

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It is always recommended to do a patch test first when it comes to castor oil. When asked how to apply castor oil to the hair it varries from hair to hair.

  • Straight Hair: Add some heat to the oil for deeper penetration and apply it to the roots before going to shower.  Beware not to use too much of castor oil you can either apply to the roots or 3 inches at the ends of hair.
  • Wavy Hair: Mixing in with conditioner is the best option for girls who have wavy hair with loose curls. It keeps your curls well but remember only to use few drops.
  • Tightly Coiled Curly Hair: Castor oil for this type of hair can be a pre shampoo routine. It can be done weekly or as needed. Make sure to have a good shampoo to rinse of castor oil due to its heavy properties and you are good to go.

Some attention-worthy notes it is best to not use castor oil when suffering from dandruff also black castor oil is supposed to be used on the scalp and pale yellow castor oil also known as cold-pressed castor oil should be used on the ends of hair.

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