Doom Patrol Season 2 Confirms Batman Villain in DC Universe

Doom Patrol Season 2 Confirms Batman Villain in DC Universe

Doom Patrol season 2 is on air, the episode 7 of the show confirmed that a Batman villain, Kiteman, exists in Earth-21. Kiteman seems famous and influential as a major book publisher is finding him so he could write an advertisement for him.

Doom Patrol season 2 and even 1, usually make reference to the DC Comics universe. For example, the Justice League was also shown to be a reality in the show. The references were also made to Flash and Aquaman as popular superheroes in the Doom Patrol world. But the show never actually showed an appearance of any character in their show.

The Doom Patrol season 2, episode 7 is titled “Dumb Patrol” and the episode makes a direct reference to Kiteman (one of Batman’s enemies). The reference was hidden in the billboard through which Cliff Steele fell through when he returns to Earth in this episode. He was released in the vacuum by Dr Niles Caulder in the preceding episode, named “Space Patrol. The billboard was an advertisement for an autobiography titled My Side, written by Denise. The billboard shows testimonials from some people, including Kite Man, and the testimonial stated his famous catchphrase “Hell Yeah!”

Kiteman first appeared in Batman comics in Aug 1960, he is known to be the silliest Batman’s enemy of all time. He has no other talent than making Kites, and when he enters the criminal world, he used big kites (usually size of a man) as an escape vehicle. He finds ways to include Kites in his crimes somehow. Kite Man got fame recently when he was featured in a Suicide Squad movie, he has been a recurring character in the movie. He is also the one who poisoned Ivy’s boyfriend for a time.

Kite Man also played a role (supporting) in Batman rebirth comic. His “Hell Yeah” catch-phrase became popular after this comic. Kite Man was once an engineer and was a very decent man, he became a criminal when The Riddler when Edward Nygma poisoned his son who was a kite lover. He then joined the Joker’s gang war in the Gotham city.  This led Kite Man to join The Joker’s team during the epic Gotham City gang war that became known as The War of Jokes and Riddles.

Doom Patrol season 2, however, do not seem to feature a Kite Man in a show, because it will be quite weird. So fans should wait for Harley Quinn season 3. Fans are dying to see Matt Reeves Batman featuring Robert Pattinson, but the movie has been delayed due to the current pandemic situation. Let’s see what other batman references Doom Patrol season 2 will make!