Grey’s Anatomy: Dr. Alex Karev bids Farewell

Grey’s Anatomy: Dr. Alex Karev bids Farewell

Grey’s Anatomy is 16 seasons down and is still shocking the audience. Grey’s Anatomy episode ABC aired on March 5 in which they promised it a send-off episode of Alex Karev.

In Grey’s Anatomy episode was a chock-full of montages from the past seasons featuring best friend Meredith Grey, Jo and former boss Miranda Bailey. He bids goodbye to all these three women in individual letters.

His first letter to Meredith goes something like this: “You are my best friend and I will miss the hell out of you,”

Earlier this season, Alex apparently called Izzie when he was trying to find someone to talk up for Meredith during her trial to stay her medical license, finally, an honest enough excuse to call his ex. He acknowledged that Izzie is now a surgical oncologist, single and had his five-year-old twins

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Next letter was for Jo and states that: “It’s officially the worst thing I’ve ever done.” Moreover he wrote that he admits he is in love with Izzie. This was very rough after a few seasons when Jo confronted her abusive husband and her birth mother whom she never knew.

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Bailey was the last one and Karev tells that she helped him grow up and also took a bullet out of his stomach. He said Goodbye and Thank You to Richard Webber, another ex-boss who reflected his relationship withAlex during an AA meeting.

The episode apparently, united Grey’s fans on social media.