Dream Sequences by Paul Anothony – Album Review

Dream Sequences by Paul Anothony – Album Review

If you are a fan of loFI hip-hop music, you just can’t miss the upcoming Mixtape by Reggae/Dancehall Artist Paul Anthony, “Dream Sequences.”

After his Grammy nomination, Paul Anthony has definitely become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His unique and immaculate style of music is unlike any other and that is one of the reasons for his immense popularity. This upcoming release by Paul Anthony is in collaboration with Indie Record Label, Starburst Records. The genre is hip-hop, but it has a far more soothing and mellow vibe than normally heard within this genre. Each track incorporates emotional elements ranging from poetry to memories. Even the names of the songs reflect these themes.

Dream Sequences by Paul Anothony

Coming to the background music, it is safe to say that each of the ten tracks are very soothing and conducive to relaxing. The chill, loFi tunes are perfect for nighttime activities as they help you unwind. Whether you are studying, going for a drive, or even just lying alone in bed, these songs are the perfect companion. Paul Anthony has a very distinct style, with an incredibly fresh feel. He has intricately woven heartfelt lyrics into aesthetic background music to create seamless masterpieces that everyone is sure to love.

The first track, “Overthinker” is as phenomenal as they come. It focuses on the human tendency to overthink, and Paul has managed to present it as an unmatched lyrical enigma with the most incredible vibe. It’s safe to say that the lyrics to this track are particularly relatable. The loFi aesthetic just takes you into another world filled with a dreamlike flow.

Dream Sequences by Paul Anothony

 Another favorite from this album is the third track, “Poetry in Motion.” Paul’s raspy, echoing voice is raw, packed with emotion and it stirs something deep in your soul. We just love the crisp contrast between his voice and the smooth, somewhat jazzy background music. Our favorite stanza from this song has got to be this:

“life is… poetry in motion
should we slow down
or stay coasting through the waves?
the waves
life is… flowing through the ocean
we could sink
or stay floating through the waves
the waves”

We have to compliment Paul’s amazing ability to craft the most meticulously relatable lyrics. He has always emphasized the belief that music has the power to impact peoples’ lives. That is exactly what he hopes to do with this project. His songs aren’t just music, it is art; a medium to express himself to the world and positively influence others. Each of the 10 tracks in this album is emotionally powerful in its own unique way.

“Stay Home” is another unique track on this album. Written in the Covid-19 times, the track offers solace and comfort to those who are stuck in their homes amid the pandemic. “Stay Home” focuses attention on all the positive things you can do while staying home. It includes things such as checking up on your parents, wearing your favorite comfy clothes, and watching sunrises from your balcony.

“I can watch the sunrise
from my balcony
stars in the sky like astronomy
this my place
a sacred space
for me, to maintain my sanity
this is where I raise my family
make sure to treat them properly
and the streets kinda rough right now
so right now
I think I’ll stay home
it’s okay at home
at home
I think I’ll just stay home
at home
it’s okay at home
at home”

Amid the anxiety, depression, and lack of social life during the Pandemic, this was definitely a much needed song.

This Mixtape is definitely a very powerful musical remedy for those who are suffering from anxiety. Paul takes inspiration from his own personal experience and from those around him. Emotions such as love, joy, and companionship are evident in his raw, soulful voice. That is what makes these tracks so special.

“Dream Sequences“ will be available on all major streaming platforms on June 25, 2021.  We absolutely love this body of work and we strongly recommend you check it out!