Dune Movie: Zendaya shared a new photo of her character Chani

Dune Movie: Zendaya shared a new photo of her character Chani

Dune Movie star Zendaya shared her character Chani picture on Instagram. Dune movie adapted a 1965 sci-fi novel of Frank Herbert, which was previously adapted both in films and also in series, but many struggled to properly convert the novel into different mediums but due to the complex plot and theme of Dune nobody did better. Now fans expecting that this latest version will be different from others and this will be the film that they are long waiting for. Director Denis Villeneuve is directing Dune Movie as he approached the film to create a sequel, but there is no official announcement yet.

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Dune cast will give a boost to fan’s excitement. Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides is leading the film, with Oscar Isaac and Rebecca Ferguson playing the role of his parents Duke Leto Atreides and Lady Jessica. Further in the cast, we will see, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgård, Javier Bardem, Dave Bautista, and Jason Momoa. Zendaya star from Spider-Man: Far From Home is included in the cast as a Chani, from the Fremen natives who live on Arrakis (desert planet).

Chani new picture shared by Zendaya on Instagram. Fans previously got a preview of Chani in a previous bunch of new Dune images, but in this you can see her costume a bit better.

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Finally the release of new images, fans got to see most of the cast in costume after months of waiting. On Monday Chalamet’s Paul showed the first which create a lot of interest among fans. Some of fans comparing the similarities between Dune first look and Star Wars, Still there is a lot of thrill in this cast in their costumes, and it will be give better idea once the trailer will revealed. In the MCU and on Hbo’s Euphoria Zendaya proven her talent, now we have to wait what she does in the role Chani which will be exciting.

Dune will be out in theaters in December. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, mostly movies pushed back their release dates, But in December hopefully, things will get better and theaters will reopen fans are eagerly waiting to watch Dune. Stay tuned on Buzzwonder for more movie updates.