Dwayne Johnson upcoming Movies

Dwayne Johnson upcoming Movies

Dwayne Johnson upcoming Movies, well known for his past projects and WWE. Dwayne Johnson is leading in many movies that you will see in the theaters in the near future. We list down some of his upcoming movies because we know you love The Rock so we do as well. Some of them are still in making and need time to release in theaters. So tell us in comments which one of them you are interested in Dwayne Johnson upcoming Movies and can’t wait to watch also tell us your Dwayne Johnson favorite movies.

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Jungle Cruise

In his recent upcoming movies Jungle Cruise is one of them, which is based on the Disneyland ride. Jungle Cruise finished its production in early June 2019, but taking some extra time to release in Theaters, Film was originally release in summer 2020, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic its release is pushed back till summer July 30, 2021. In Jungle Cruise the co-stars Paul Giamatti, Jack Whitehall, Emily Blunt and others joining Dwayne Johnson.

Red Notice

Netflix doesn’t have a lot action blockbusters movies, but they have a huge project in making, and that is Dwayne Johnson Movie with two World’s top star is playing as co-lead. In Red Notice Dwayne Johnson playing role of Interpol agent and he is on mission to hunt down world most wanted art thief, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds joins him on this thrilling ride.  Rawson Marshall Thurber, who previously appeared in Skyscraper and Central Intelligence also join The Rock in this film. While movie production was stopped in early 2020 but Netflix is planning to release on streaming in 2021.

Black Adam

DC and Warner Bros. booked Dwayne Johnson for the role of Black Adma in Shazam movie few years ago. But many things changed behind the scenes. The original plan was that Dwayne Johnson plays a role of Black Adam in Shazam movie as an anti-hero, but now things are changed and in January 2017 it revealed that character getting its own movie Black Adam. The movie is gaining steam, Director of Jungle Cruise is ready to direct the project and its filming planned to start in summer 2020.