Eddie Redmayne Confirms Fantastic Beasts 3 Filming Has Started

Eddie Redmayne Confirms Fantastic Beasts 3 Filming Has Started

Fantastic Beasts 3 star Eddie Redmayne confirmed that the film shooting has started. Redmayne is set to do some magic with co-stars Ezra Miller, Johnny Depp, Katherine Waterston, and Jude Law. After the first two parts, David Yates is returning to direct prequel in which J.K Rowling is also involved and even helped in the script. The film has faced several controversies because of the cast and J.K Rowling. The first part of Fantastic Beasts was a huge hit, it gave a refreshing start to the Harry Potter Franchise in a thrilling way but the film faced commercial and critical disappointments. Due to which Fantastic Beasts 3 has faced delays in production.

But the good news for the fans is that Eddie Redmayne has confirmed to Cinema Blend that the production of the film started two weeks ago in London. Most film productions are now resuming their work as Warner Bros. are taking strict precautions for cast and crew with following coronavirus protocols. Due to the ongoing pandemic, Redmayne was initially worried and said:

Although Redmayne confirms that the film production is going smoothly and the castmates doing a great job. After shooting for Crimes of Grindelwald back in 2017, the cast is now back together. It is to note that the production has faced many challenges even before the pandemic.

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After the coronavirus pandemic started many productions were stopped including Fantastic Beasts 3. Recently one of Warner Bros.’s most anticipated blockbuster movie The Batman production was also shut down again after resuming for few days when Robert Pattinson got tested positive for coronavirus. Despite these difficulties, Redmayne’s words should lessen some fears that filming in this pandemic has started within a new and unusual way. If a huge production like Fantastic Beast 3 can resume their work smoothly so other films and tv series can do also. Studios are strictly following the production protocols which seems working well so far as few productions stopped after resuming.

Redmayne’s confidence gives us and fans a clear indicator that everything is back on track. Till now fans have to wait until November 12, 2021, to see what the third sequel is about.