It is FINALLY here! Of course. we are talking about the much-awaited first trailer of The Breaking Bad – The movie. El Camino first trailer is stirring up crazy kind of suspense in all the Breaking Bad fans. Everyone is full of stress and empathy! One can argue that not many crystal meth cooks lead a successful life, but oh boy, In El Camion Movie Jesse Pink (Aaron Paul) is a living example (read: movie life example) of this point. Here’s a link of the trailer for you to first watch it first hand and then go on reading the article. We don’t even want to spoil the trailer for you guys!

Check official trailer

The El Camino first trailer revolves around Jesse Pink and his life as a fugitive from law and the drug business he helped set up. It’s terrifying to the say the least. Oh poor Jesse! You might even cry a tear or two if you are one of those “We-Love-Jesse-Pink” fans that adore the guy. We got to agree though; he’s cute, alright? It looks like he’s hiding, we all know why, but that’s all he’s doing in the beginning of the trailer. He looks like he’s tired of being this way. There are a few scars here and there and man, that’s got us feeling really bad for the guy!

The El Camino trailer then shows two more characters from The Breaking Bad series – Badger (Matt Jones) & Skinny Pete (Charles Baker). The reunion was sadly not a happy one. All of them had sad, bleak looks across their faces. Almost as if they had given up hope but something told us that Jesse was more angry than sad. Or was it his natural look that we all just love? Anyhow, that hot shower that Jesse takes, got us hoping that he felt better after having it. Even though the scars on his back gave us the chills!

Even though the producers were kind enough to show us Skinny Pete and Badger (apart from Jesse Pink) in the trailer. We are confused as to why they got to be so secretive and keep the rest of characters hidden? We just cannot contain the excitement! Who else is making a come back from The Breaking Bad series or maybe Better Call Saul? We just need to know.

But wait a second, who is that at the end of the trailer, the guy holding the trigger? I don’t know about you guys but I feel like he’s standing just the way Walter White (Bryan Cranston) used to stand. But the voice..meh, not so much. The pitch is too high for our favorite Mr. White’s intimidating voice. Nobody has confirmed as yet as to whether or not Bryan Cranston is making a come back or not. But do we want him to? HELL, YES!

Also, the actor Jonathon Banks sort of revealed that he might be making a come back as Mike Ehrmantraut (how badass was that character just by the way?!). But didn’t he die during the show? Hmm. Not sure why not many people are talking about Hank though? The guy had an important role in the show!

Though there’s not much evidence to say for sure who Jesse is facing by the end of the trailer, one thing is for sure – this other person is bringing out a whole new streak in Jesse. His expressions completely change as compared to what they looked like at the start of the trailer. He was sad, depressed, hopeless and angry at first and as soon as he looks at this other person by the end of the trailer, he has this fierce, excited and bold look.

El Camino is going to be premiering on our Netflix screens on October 11 at 12:01 PT, Friday. Of course, a lot of people want to see the movie on bigger screens. For that we suggest you go through the list of select movie theatres and find out if it’s showing any place near you! Good luck!

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