Emilia Clarke in MCU’s Secret Invasion – Top 3 Speculations

Emilia Clarke in MCU’s Secret Invasion – Top 3 Speculations

Known famously for the role of Daenerys Targaryen, the Game of Thrones actress will be debuting in MCU soon. The news regarding Emilia Clarke in MCU’s Secret Invasion has surprised many fans. Her role is not yet confirmed, which arouses many speculations regarding the character she could be playing. Let us look over the characters that she can play in the series that may directly impact the storyline. 


Jessica Drew’s alter ego Spider-Woman is a controversial character in the Marvel comic book history. She has a long and complex storyline which makes her a proper fit for Secret Invasion. Jessica has worked with Hydra, SHIELD and the New Avengers in the comics. She is also the ally of Queen Veranke; with her help, she has performed many tasks in the organizations she has worked for until the truth revealed. Emilia Clarke, who is known to perform such dynamic roles, can effectively bring Jessica to life. 

Queen Veranke:

The Queen of Skrull Empire, Veranke, is the primary engineer behind the Secret Invasion in the comics. As she ascends to power, she plans to launch a full-scale invasion on Earth via shapeshifting techniques. Emilia Clarke, who has already played the role of a queen before, can fill in the shoes of Queen Veranke conveniently. The concept and broad story of both characters is somehow similar which will make it easier for Clarke to perform.

Abigail Brand:

Abigail Brand is a former SHIELD agent and now a commanding officer at SWORD. SWORD was introduced in WandaVision which makes it highly likely Abigail Brand will be introduced in the MCU. Her role in Secret Invasion is prominent since she along with Reed Richards detected shape-shifter Skrulls and alerted the superheroes. Emilia who has already played a similar role as Kira in Disney’s Solo: A Star Wars movie will be comfortable playing Abigail. 

What do you think is the best fit for Emilia Clarke in MCU’s secret invasion?