Emily Ratajkowski outfits and sneakers and Bathroom Selfies

Emily Ratajkowski outfits and sneakers and Bathroom Selfies

Emily Ratajkowski outfits and sneakers have always been in news. She knows how to style up every day and look like a diva. Especially her summer game is getting stronger in this pandemic situation where she amazes paparazzi and her followers with her extremely beautiful looks and fashion sense. She was living in LA and recently returned to New York after spending most of the pandemic lockdown period in LA. Emily Ratajkowski husband along with her have been on a fence lately due to the lockdown because they cannot visit their parents. Well, she manages to stay in good shape and good news with her social media posts.

She is a role model for the New Yorkers on how to stay stylish in this pandemic and walk around the city in comfortable shoes. She knows how to carry comfy shoes with an extremely stylish dress. Last week she was seen in slip dress and trainers and was looking stunning as always. 

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She loves to wear her trustee white kicks; she flaunted her style with a black bodycon dress and white trainers. A weird but deadly combination that she carried so well that it will take a good time to take your eyes from her. She has been slaying the combination in the past as well. She has been an inspiration who loves to dress up but cannot roam around in heels or shoes that are not comfortable. Her style shows that fashion is not just about how you look it’s about how you feel. If you feel good, you are good to go. Emily Ratajkowski outfits and sneakers are proof of it.

She was also seen wearing a black mask matching her bodycon dress. She carried an electric orange leather bag and black shades as well. Emily Ratajkowski Instagram followers must have become fashionistas themselves.

 Emily Ratajkowski weight loss journey is not a hidden fact. She worked hard to get the body she has today and she doesn’t give up a chance to flaunt her amazingly toned abs in her bathroom mirror. She is seen wearing a grey crop top and baggy jeans along with matching earrings, gold necklace and her perfectly blonde tresses. Emily Ratajkowski Instagram post was uncaptioned yet appealing.