Everything Haute This Summer.

Everything Haute This Summer.

Trends from every summer often live through the entire year and usually well into the next, but there is a different vibe to each new haute this summer experienced by the fashion world, and summer ’19 was anything but predictable.

There was an influx of creativity in the otherwise bland fashion designs that were surfacing all year round, and we couldn’t be happier to be sharing the top most loved fashion trends of this season.

Evolution in Reverse. 

This summer was all about letting your inner beast out of the cage, and onto the star studded streets of every hot spot in the city. Bold, beautiful and absolutely glamorous animal prints were embraced by trend setters with open arms, with the very sleek leopard print being a big favorite. The best part being the diversity with which these gorgeous prints were explored and then expressed in the form of cool kaftans, flowy dresses, sassy suits and lingerie. Let’s not forget the accessories either, because those were the highlight of our sunny days!

A Little Puffy Eyed. 

What is fashion, if it isn’t a little or a lot extra? It’s usually the latter in most cases, and we don’t mind. Puff sleeves have been in and out of fashion from the day they were invented in the nineties, but their back and this time with a Big Bang. Back in the day, it would only make sense to wear puffed sleeves on dresses, but as time progressed the mega minds of our fashion world understood that fashion is best realized when it is let free without barriers and that is exactly what we witnessed when we found how cute puff sleeves looked on everything from desirable and trendy little crop tops to classy jumpsuits. Count us in complete support of this adorable summer trend, because nothing matters if you can’t look cute on a fun summer day. Right?

Let’s Put All The Pieces Together. 

While Patchwork was once looked down upon as a sign of poverty, it is now looked up to as a symbol of unity despite distinctiveness. This powerful summer trend took our breath away when stylists from all over the world used it to form some of the most popular fashion pieces of the season, these included but were not limited to pants, skirts, shirts, jackets, capes and a number of accessories such as hats, bags and even belts which we have to agree did add the finishing touch to an almost perfect outfit.

A Wild Splash of Creativity. 

At the time of its invention in the early 1960s, tie-dye was seen as a symbol of the counterculture, a way to escape from the strict social norms of the 1950s and express freedom and individuality. Its a comeback this summer was anything but coincidental, our clever fashion sweethearts needed a way to express the way they had felt throughout the events that had occurred all year round and tie-dye did just that. It combined the colors of their feelings, and gave birth to something beautiful which was then used to form a number of different outfits which were admired by millions on every Instagram Models feed.

Well, these were the top most loved trends of this sunny season, and as summer draws to a close we cannot help but appreciate the fashion trends that we didn’t get to mention either because every effort made in art is a favor done to the rest of the world, and this summer was nothing short of brilliant in the world of fashion.

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