Eyelash Extensions- 5 Best Alternatives That Actually Works!

Eyelash Extensions- 5 Best Alternatives That Actually Works!

Over a period of time, there has been a craze for eyelash extensions. Perfect eye-makeup takes much time, expertise, and effort. Eyelash extensions reduce the hard work of eye-makeup. The trend might sound insane to some people but the results are astonishing.

Eyelash extensions make you look beautiful in pictures but also in real life. The extension will make you prettier and you can write No Makeup and No Filter hashtag on your Instagram pictures. You will always look fresh and camera ready with these extensions.

However, the cost of eyelash extensions is quite high and continuous. By continuous we mean that the eyelash extension needs refilling after 1 or 2 months, costing around $75, while the initial cost is around 150-300$.

That’s a huge amount because it consists of a small part of your beauty expense.  If you have budget constraints and don’t feel comfortable of having eyelash extension you can go for the three alternatives listed below.

Magnetic Lashes

These lashes don’t need glue to stick on. These magnetic lashes are becoming a trend worldwide; they stick on to the eyelids very easily. There are top and bottom strips (with micro magnets) that hold on to the fringe.


Lash singles

Lash Singles are the chunks of eyelashes that you can fit in where needed among the real eyelashes to get the look you want. They may be used one time or are reusable.

You can spend a bit higher to get a set of single lashes that can be reused again and still you will be way below the eyelash extensions cost. 

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Fiber Mascara

Fiber mascara makes your eyelashes extended and longer. These are the perfect alternative of eyelash extension if you cannot spare much time for your eyelashes.

The fiber mascaras may be more expensive than the traditional ones but they are worth the price and can give you look of eyelash extensions within a minute.

Growth Serum

Instead of adding fake lashes and mascaras, what if you solve the root problem? Sometimes it happens that eyelashes stop growing.

Eyelash Growth Serum helps your eyelashes grow naturally to give you the celebrity look in the long run without having to do repetitive tasks or procedures to get a look.

DIY Kits and Applicators

Several brands are offering DIY Kits and Applicators as an alternative to eyelash extension. Search for the best brand according to review or positive word of mouth. You can also watch tutorials to figure out how to use one.

Hope this article helped you in finding the best alternatives for Eyelash extensions!

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