Face Mask Effectiveness – Key Features a Mask Should Have

Face Mask Effectiveness – Key Features a Mask Should Have

When the world is experiencing coronavirus pandemic issues, we need to alter our style, dressing, and habits. In this pandemic to survive healthily we all need to have masks when we are out – in public places, in lorries, in trains, in airplanes, in meetings, and in any place where more people are present; to keep ourselves and others safe from the disease, but the important thing to ponder upon is face mask effectiveness, which we will discuss in this article.

Which type of mask we need – no doubt about it, we need better masks. There are many types of masks in the market but all are not effective, all are not presentable, all are not safe and all are not economical. We need the mask which has some necessary features. We are writing today to make it easy for you to buy which mask. Masks have become as important as your clothes – they should have the following features:

Face Mask Effectiveness

Facemask Effectiveness and Protection

The most basic and vital function of the masks is protection. Masks protect us from inhaling viruses and bacteria by filtering the air which we inhale. The protection and face mask effectiveness is achieved through three main features:

1-    The level of Deflection

2-    Filtration

3-    Sealing capability

The deflection and filtration are capabilities of the mask which demonstrate how good the mask is in deflecting the particles that land on it while we are breathing having the mask on our face. In 1st phase, the mask should be able to deflect the particles that land on it, and in the second phase particles which can’t be deflected those should be stopped entering through the mask to our nostrils. Whereas the sealing capability demonstrates the ability of the mask that how well the mask seals around the face blocking all possible spaces that could allow particles to come inside the mask without filtration.

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How to achieve face mask effectiveness?

Now how these features can be met in the mask? The scientific studies show that filtration can be achieved through a combination of cotton, silk, flannel and chiffon. Whereas, the deflection can be achieved by making the outer surface slippery, dry or shiny. This can be done by using nylon outside the mask or silky material. The fit or design of the mask that can capture all types of face shapes in sealing in a way can be achieved by creating a brace using rubber materials with a sticky lining that can stick with the skin of the face. Research is also in the process where the small electric charge can be produced in the upper layer of the mask to kill viruses and bacteria through electric shocks.


Coronavirus has made masks a “new normal “now. Appearance is as important as face mask effectiveness. The outer look is important. It has become a part of dressing now. It should be presentable. The white color helps in deflecting and fits with dressing and skin so white masks are normally preferred. Masks should be cool and fashionable. Like shirts, the mask may have beautiful logos- of the company’s or employers or favorite brands. Blue color, yellow linings, white dots, etc can be combined for fashion lovers.

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The masks should be very comfortable. It should not press the face area harder that one feels suffocating but it should also not let spaces underneath to pass free air. It should be light and cool. Its ear braces should be adjustable so that it can be adjusted the ear distance easily. Its nose strip which fits the mask on the face from the nose should be flexible that each time it can be pressed accordingly to get it fit on the face. Face mask effectiveness will lose its essence if it is not comfortable.


Mask should be reusable. Due to the prolonged coronavirus pandemic, facemask will become a weight on the pocket in some time. Reusability gives it the economic sense and dependability that it can be used a number of times, in “new normal” conditions.