Face Mask is compulsory by the US government as death toll rises to 8154

Face Mask is compulsory by the US government as death toll rises to 8154

CDC asked all American citizens to wear a face mask, but president Trump refused to wear. On the federal recommendation that people should wear clothes masks when they go out in public areas. Due to the spread of coronavirus all over the world more than 1 Million people infected because of the virus.

As the CDC issue guidelines and urge to wear a face mask, President Trump ignore the guidelines and he said he will not wear the mask. And it’s very clear now how many American citizens will follow the CDC recommendation.

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In the United States number of infected people increasing day by day as of at least 300k people have tested positive for coronavirus. And officials doubt that the number of infected people is much higher. More than 8000 people died due to this virus this includes 3565 only in New York state.

CDC suggested that they should cover their faces with a face mask or with a simple cloth, when they are going out in grocery stores, medical stores to save themselves and others too. CDC strongly suggests that to maintain 6-feet social distancing, on the other hand, Trump said that recommendations are as voluntary and made clear again that he did not intend to wear a mask.

Around the country, there are almost 300,000 and it’s exceeding rapidly more than a quarter of a million people worldwide who are infected with the coronavirus. Almost 63,000 confirmed death around the world and in US 8,154 confirmed deaths due to coronavirus.