Fast & Furious 9 In Space – A long-awaited plan!

Fast & Furious 9 In Space – A long-awaited plan!

Fast & Furious 9 is going into space. Yes, you have read it right! Recently, Seth Rogen has revealed the Fast & Furious franchise presented the idea of going into space about a decade ago. It is expected that Fast & Furious 9 will head into space for the plot of the movie. The F&F franchise is one of the biggest franchises of the big screen and has given its fans popular and star-studded movies. Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, Paul Walker, and Michelle Rodriguez got their fame around the world with the movies.

While all the Fast & Furious movies have been filmed on amazing locations (on Earth of course), there are rumours that the gang is heading to space for the next movie Fast & Furious 9 known as F9.

Michelle Rodriguez was asked about this and he sort of confirmed the news in The Jess Cagle Show; she was asked if the cast of F9 was going into space, to which Rodriguez looked shocked and he said, “nobody was supposed to know that.” She didn’t leak any other information nor she confirmed the news properly but she said that the females will play a large role in the next movie.

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Now Seth Rogen has posted on Twitter to claim that Fast & Furious makers were considering going into space almost a decade ago. Rogen’s tweet references an old talk with Evan Goldberg, and an anonymous Fast & Furious producer. Rogen says that Goldberg jokingly asked when the Fast & Furious crew is heading into space; in response, the producer replied in a very serious tone, “not yet.”

While nothing has been confirmed by the franchise after Rodriguez’s interview, and Seth Rogen’s tweet has made fans very excited to see their heroes in space. Reports have confirmed that Vin Diesel might go into space for F9. There have been many technological advancements in Fast &/ Furious spinoffs so heading to space should not be a surprising deal. F&F movies have always pushed the boundaries and are ready to take-off.

Well if it was decided to go into space a decade ago, the franchise has got quite late! Fast & Furious has been showing illegal street racing for decades now, so taking a creative step to go into space might be the next logical move.

Mission impossible makers has recently released the picture of a crazy stunt performed by the cast high up in the mountains. The franchises like Mission Impossible and Fast & Furious are planning to launch their new movies next year, it is no doubt that the characters are just like superheroes, they can come back from dead, save the world, Fly the car, climbing 163rd story of a building, holding on to a flying plane, Jump high in the car (from one building to another, landing on the right spot), and so on. So Fast & Furious 9 going into space should not be a surprise!