Friends Characters Took Bold Decisions

Friends Characters Took Bold Decisions

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the most popular sitcom of all time, it made us laugh, cry, smile, sad, happy, excited and whatnot. But have you noticed some way where the FRIENDS characters made some bold decisions? Whether it be Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Joey or Chandler, all of them have taken big decisions that change their life. Let us take a look at FRIENDS characters some of those decisions.

1. Rachel left her Dad’s money!

Rachel was getting married when she realized that she is not happy and she has done nothing in her life. She wanted to let go of her Dad’s enormous wealth and do something so she left alter and started her own life. She worked as a waitress, an assistant (she even untied enormous cloth hangers) but ultimately made her way to the dream job she wanted.

2. Phoebe Giving Birth to Triplets!

This was one of the boldest decisions by any of the FRIENDS characters. Phoebe got artificially inseminated and gave birth to the twins of her brother (Frank Jr) and sister-in-law, who wanted to have children but couldn’t conceive.

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3. Monica Proposing Chandler

Despite seeing her parents devastated marriage, chandler was always scared of serious relationships, but he couldn’t afford to lose Monica and when he found out that Richard wants to come back to her life, he stepped in to propose her, where Monica was already there to propose him which was a bold yet adorable move. The scene was romantic yet made everyone cry.

4. Ross Leaving his TV interview for Rachel

Ross was going to be on a live TV show, but instead of fame, he chose Rachel and took her to the hospital because she needed him.

5. Chandler leaving his job

Chandler found out that his job life is coming in the way of her family life and he also realized that this is not what he wanted to do with his life. Instead, he wanted to do something better. He started as a Marketing internee in such a mature age, just to follow his dreams.

6. Monica and Chandler Adopting

Instead of whining over the infertility issue they had, they didn’t ruin their relationship for this. They decided to adopt and have a new life.

7. Rachel missed the flight

She was on her way to Paris when she realized that she loves Ross and Ross loves her and she cannot let go of him. She missed the flight and a life-time opportunity and came back to the love of her life Ross.

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8. Joey Proposed Rachel

Joey won our hearts when he proposed Rachel after finding out she will be a single mom. Joey never seemed so responsible but he took very good care of Rachel and Emma. Though Rachel rejected the proposal Joey won the game.

9. Phoebe Choosing Mike

Although she was dating David, she realized that there is nothing which could make her forget Mike and when Mike came in, she chose Mike because that was the right thing to do.

10. Rachel Having Baby as a Single Mom

Although she was afraid of having the child when she found out she was pregnant she decided to keep the baby and be a single mother. She loved Emma more than anything else in the world.