Gisele Bündchen: Find out how she spent her 40th Birthday!

Gisele Bündchen: Find out how she spent her 40th Birthday!

Gisele Bündchen, aged 40, celebrated her birthday in a unique way. She is a Brazilian model, author, activist raising environmental concerns, actress, and entrepreneur. She celebrated her birthday by planting around 40,000 trees. Gisele  Bündchen Instagram post had an incredible series of her pictures in which she explained that she visited Amazon rainforest and experienced the nature closely. She also told that she has seen the impacts of deforestation on the environment and health.

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Gisele  Bündchen has a twin sister named Pati, she also wished her by sharing a series of their childhood pictures together. She said that they both are lucky to spend four decades on this amazing planet and she is very lucky to have a best friend in the form of her twin sister. She also stated that she is excited to enter a new phase and new decade of her life, where she will try her best to make the world a better place with her 40-year experience and knowledge.

Gisele  Bündchen  Instagram post also thanked people for birthday wishes and for donating generously for her tree-planting project. She said that mother nature also thank you for all of your contribution in its regeneration and flourishment. 

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She looked very beautiful yet casual in the photos and seemed to enjoy the wonders of nature. We really wish her luck in her efforts for the betterment of the environment.