Google declares that it is making “Meet” – its video conferencing service free for everyone

Google declares that it is making “Meet” – its video conferencing service free for everyone

Is it a Google’s attempt to beat rising triple digit growth of Zoom? It sounds like Rival Zoom had its moment – now it’s time for Google to take up the game during the pandemic by bringing up improve and more secured video conferencing platform Google Meet.

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29 April: Google is opening up its Google Meet (previously known as Google Hangouts Meet) video conferencing tool for absolutely free to anyone who needs to utilize it, rather than simply offering it to big business and educational clients by means of G Suite. Google clarifies that anyone with a Google – account will now have the option to make free meetings or conferences of up to 100 individuals.

From a birthday wish to crucial business meetings, Zoom (which I regard as light of hope amid pandemic shutdowns) has become our go to app presently. Agree? Its ongoing boom in popularity has not gone unnoticed by anyone. Some financial specialists got so jumpy that they unintentionally put resources into an incorrect Zoom. Oops!!

The blast in Zoom Video Communication’s share price has transformed its organizer and CEO Eric Yuan into one of the world’s richest guy. Yuan, who claims 20% of the organization’s shares, has seen his assessed total assets increment by more than $4bn since the Covid-19 emergency began, to $7.9bn.

What sets zoom apart in the extensive customer world, is that it offers free, 40-minute calls with up to 100 participants. But, as much as its interface is friendly and requires no login access to join a meeting, these highlights put individuals in danger too. Recently, the app has encountered some serious security and privacy backlash.

Google through Meet seems to tap the opportunity created via Zooms security flaws that it has scrambled to address. In Google meet Individuals won’t have the option to simply click and join a conference or a meeting. They will be required to login. Google is likewise working on other security measures: individuals will not unequivocally be added to a conference by means of a calendar invite – and possibly be allowed to join a meeting only when allowed by the host. The free form will likewise not incorporate landline dial-in numbers for meetings. These wellbeing centered provisos are Google’s method for distinguishing its Meet app from competitor Zoom. Has Zoom’s not – so – good – times started?