Google Fiber 2 Gigabit Internet Coming Soon

Google Fiber 2 Gigabit Internet Coming Soon

Good news for those who are looking for faster internet service, because Google recently announced that they are soon launching Google Fiber 2 Gigabit Internet service, and it starts with a test “2 Gig plan” option. Now with the multi-gigabits speed, it’s hard to imagine that there will be any difficulty with online data load, like online streaming.

In the past google is only known for it’s a popular search engine, but now Google is playing a bigger role in the tech industry than it was before. Today Google is in the business of smartphones, Waze GPS navigation software, and laptops, and it’s not surprising that google offering internet Fiber service. Since 2010 Google providing its Fiber service to the consumer in selected cities.

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Google posted a blog in which Google confirmed that they soon offer a new Google Fiber 2 Gigabit Internet plan. From next month they testing out its new option in Huntsville and Nashville. The company says in early 2021, they will expand 2 Gig availability to customers in other Google Fiber cities. Internet service capabilities of Google is very clear, that boasting a high speed of uploads and downloads. Downloads can pull up to 2 gigabits and upload up to 1 gigabit. In addition to Gig, the Package company will provide a new Wi-Fi 6 Router and mesh extender. With all this, Google is confident that customers will experience a 30% increase on the internet, with more devices connected to the network.

Google’s 2 Gig Plan

Internet connection and hardware are not the all things that we look forward, Customer will get 2 Gig plan in $100 and there is no cap on data, also there is no annual contract or any other additional cost for professional installation in this cost hardware is also included, with 2 Gig Plan customer service team will be available 24/7 to resolve any issues.  

Upload and download are often measured in megabits-per-second, Google claims that their internet is able to support and supply speed of this quality. This news will be exciting for those who are looking for a new plan, and it is always worth researching and compare what all the service provider offers and on what price, whether its google or anyone else.