Guardians of the Galaxy part 3 Director Clues at bigger Role for Kraglin

Guardians of the Galaxy part 3 Director Clues at bigger Role for Kraglin

Guardians of the Galaxy part.3 director James Gunn revealed on his Instagram Q&As session that Raglin will play a bigger role in his upcoming part.3. In 2014 James Gunn first hired his talent for Guardians of the Galaxy. In Guardians of the Galaxy part.2, James took a different approach and he showed more emotional movie discovered Peter Quill’s relationship with his father.

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The Guardian of the Galaxy part 3 doesn’t have a release date yet, fans are excitedly waiting for the part 3, Gunn already shared many little details about the film, and he also shared that he is excited to complete the stories that he started in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film. Recently he also told about the scars appearing on Rocket’s Raccoon’s back, he said scars have been there for a reason since the first part. James also discussed the release that Guardians of the Galaxy part. 3 will release after Thor: Love and Thunder.

Director of The Guardian of the Galaxy film Clarify that Thor will be release before Guardians of the Galaxy part.3 when he asked on Instagram. His answer was short and clear “Before”.

The Guardians of the Galaxy faces a rough time when Gunn was fired and then re-hired again. The two-part of the Guardians of the Galaxy was financially and critically successful. Gunn was not ready to begin work immediately on Part 3. Now things are back on track and now again he is directing part 3. But for now, he is completely focused on finishing the sequel of The Suicide Squad before he starts working on the Guardian of Galaxy part 3.