Guardians of The Galaxy 3 Is Still On Schedule James Gunn says

Guardians of The Galaxy 3 Is Still On Schedule James Gunn says

Due to coronavirus mostly movies pushed back their release dates and some movie production is stopped, But Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is still on track says James Gunn. Fans are excitedly waiting for Part 3, but the movie is a slow-moving process. James Gunn directed 2 parts of Guardians of the Galaxy and was ready to direct third one, but he was temporarily fired from the project of Part 3, Marvel announced all its projects release dates last year but part.3 wasn’t included in those films that have official dates.

Now fans are worried about the Guardians of the Galaxy 3 development, and Since the COIVD-19 pandemic outbreak affected the whole entertainment industry. Blockbuster movies like F9, No Time to Die, and Mulan delayed their release dates, ongoing production of some movies like The Batman 2021 is stopped.  On the safe side, Marvel pushed back its movies Black Widow was originally released in May but now it will release in November.  Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is not getting an official date, so we are wondering that due to this pandemic has any impact on its release date too.

After asked on twitter about the part 3, Gunn confirmed that the part .3 is still on track, Gunn is one of the many other directors who share news about the teasers, production and release dates to the movie fans.

So film still has no release date until 2022 or maybe 2023, Captain Marvel 2 is the farthest movie right now it will release on July 8, 2022, so this is also a reason that Vol. 3 will be scheduled after it, Gunn also mention that the part .3 production has time to start at least another year. It’s possible that you will see Guardians appearances next year in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Earlier Gunn said he is unable to start working on part.3, until he completed DC film The Suicide Squad, according to him movie is still on track and it’s in post-production and it will release in August 2021. So all here are speculations until part .3 gets an official release date.