Hawkeye’s First 2 episodes on Disney+ – Speculations and Review

Hawkeye’s First 2 episodes on Disney+ – Speculations and Review

In their own Marvel Cinematic Universe series, an Avenger and his protégé take center stage. On Wednesday, the first two episodes of Hawkeye launched on Disney Plus, taking us on a New York City journey with a pair of incredibly skilled archers.

Spoiler’s Alert

Opening episodes:

The opening episodes of Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye imply that Kate Bishop’s mother is involved in a sinister plot. Hawkeye adds a couple of additional Marvel heroes to the mix. This includes the enemies that the MCU’s two archers will face up against during the season, many of whom have previously been revealed.

Eleanor Bishop:

Kate’s mother appears in the plot and develops into a fascinating character. Eleanor is typically caring and nice to Kate, but there are times when she says or does something that doesn’t seem quite right. This includes the possibility that Kate’s mother has nefarious motives, as well as the possibility that she is responsible for some of the incidents that have already transpired in Hawkeye.

Tracksuit mafia:

Hawkeye’s early conflict, on the other hand, is focused on the Tracksuit Mafia’s pursuit for Kate and her concerns that Jack Duquesne isn’t who he seems to be. The Tracksuit Mafia goes undercover to buy a watch stolen from the Avengers Compound in a hidden underground auction. Clint’s old Ronin gear is also on sale, and Kate puts it on to fend them off. It’s uncertain why they want the watch, but they obtain it, and Kate becomes a target for the Tracksuits.

As Clint tries to reclaim his Ronin gear and get the Tracksuits off her track, Kate and Clint forge a shaky collaboration, but the second episode concludes with them being caught. As their mystery boss Maya Lopez, alias Echo sits out in a room full of speakers, the goons joyfully relay word of their achievement. Maya’s deafness is hinted at this moment, but she has a special skill that allows her to compete with anybody in the MCU.

Episode 3 speculations:

Following on from the previous two episodes, Hawkeye episode 3 may make the “Thanos was right” debate in the MCU look more stranger. Since Thanos’ intention to equalize the universe was unveiled in Avengers: Infinity War, there have been people who have defended his acts, or at least his intentions.

This has been a reoccurring subject in Marvel’s Disney+ series, with WandaVision and, more recently, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier delving into the global consequences of so many individuals vanishing and reappearing five years later.

Hawkeye’s post-Avengers: Endgame plot is more personal, focusing on Clint Barton confronting his previous deeds as Ronin, although it does make time to address the “Thanos was right” controversy.