Healing After Breakup and Lesson You Can Learn

Healing After Breakup and Lesson You Can Learn

It’s okay if we envy animals after all that they do is the hunt, sleep, reproduce with casual hookups, and move on. They don’t worry about where they would end up next. But you know what’s not worth envying? Do you know what priceless traits we have and they don’t? The priceless trait which only humans have is the ability to rise from the ashes when we fall and healing after a breakup.

Yup, that’s right! We grow from the hurt, we grow from the heartbreak, we grow from the lessons learned, and we grow from past experiences. Our growth drives us to achieve the life we want for ourselves. This growth has a tremendous impact on our lives.

We learn to endure the pain and the hurt, we learn to accept what’s not ours, we learn to realize that oftentimes what we see is not always the reality and what we don’t see is not always false.

If we establish one thing we can definitely vouch that no matter how much people explain how breakups hurt one could never understand how it feels until they go through it.

Breakup is what the person suffers alone and healing from breakup is what requires a tremendous effort. Be it a long-distance relationship or just dating the intensity may differ but the pain and hurt remain the same.

So let’s go by lessons, these lessons will be your guide to deal with what you are going through by just helping you not by giving you a transcript of dos. With these lessons if you feel compelled to do any of it that will be our success together!

Lesson # 1) Block them from everywhere:

Let the bygones be bygones! This saying is a true representation of your breakup. Once it has happened you shouldn’t have any contact with them. You can never be friends, you can never have good terms with your ex. There is a reason why you both broke up in the first place so please MAINTAIN THAT and keep yourself miles away from your ex.

The process of breakup healing starts with blocking them from everywhere. If you find it hard, give this job to your bestie they come in handy in breakup situations.

Lesson # 2) Gifts to the Needy

If anything good can come out of this breakup you can do this good deed in the name of your ex by donating the gifts they have given you.

This act of generosity can be done if the relationship which was ended was on fairly good terms. If not, then you have my blessings of burning or throwing them away.

Trust me either way you feel light and healing from breakup will move much quicker and faster.

Lesson # 3) Delete them Away:

The sanity demands of you to delete all the memories on that camera roll of yours. The cell phone demands to cleanse of your phone gallery. You my friend need to get baptized in order to have the new version of cell-f with you.

The cell-f you will be using from now on words will be brand new as your ex has gone away from your phone gallery and social media apps. Again if you find this hard to do, grab your trusted friend to delete the crap out of your phone.

Lesson#4) Get Friends with your Feelings:

Come to terms with your feelings. Stopping yourself from crying will do you no good. Let your emotions out because it hurts so much and it mattered so much. Until you don’t get along with your true feelings you won’t be able to move on with your life.

Address it and let it all out by crying as much as you want. If people stop you from doing this or telling you otherwise they are not being good to you. This is your most courageous step towards breakup healing and your growth as a strong individual!

Lesson # 5) Enjoy being Single:

An instant hookup with some dude who gave you his shoulder to cry on looks good in movies not in real life. Movies don’t show you the aftermath of these hookups. So please while you are single just embrace it. Love being yourself. Love being the person you are. 

Cry your eyeballs out, be your own emotional support. You are strong, you are powerful, you are worthy of real love, you are much more than this emotional attraction, you can do this on your own!

Lesson # 6) Set Goals for Yourself:

Want to shed some weight, hit the gym. Want to get muscles,hit the gym. Have a passion for playing sports,join a sports club. Want to become an artist, join an artistry club.

This is the best coping mechanism as you are investing yourself into something productive which takes up your energy that exhausts you so much after which you only want to relax and head to sleep.

Lesson # 7) Friends and Family:

Makeup for the times you have missed with your friends and family and just let yourself loose. By this time you have understood how important it is to have sincere, loyal and outgoing friends who can keep you sane and miles away from your ex. They are your fixed assets so never take them for granted.

Lesson # 8) Explore New Stuff:

Some people are meant to leave you so that you can see beyond them. The world is inviting you with open arms, ready to embrace you for who you are, all you have to do is just be courageous enough to explore it. Remember exploration that leads to advancement in terms of growth is positive. Don’t go rags, this is your chance to see the new side of your self THE GOOD SIDE!

Lesson # 9) Invest in Yourself:

The only investment which you will reap your entire life is by investing in yourself. Take this breakup healing as an opening to a door which was long shut just because you were too involved in one person that you even forgot yourself.

The reason why people get attracted to each other is because of their individuality! We often forget that before our relationship we were our own person, we had our own personality. Put your most efforts to take that person out of you.

Lesson # 10) Set your Standards:

Man, I can’t stress enough on this!!! Wait let me start you don’t have to save someone from falling, you don’t have to accept someone for their past traumas that have made them toxic now.

You don’t have to compromise on relationships where you bare a person’s nonsense most of the time which makes you forget about the happy times together, you don’t have to understand the non-understanding and you don’t have to shut your vibes out just because you love that person.

Trust me vibes don’t lie! Don’t rush into anything, let Mother Nature do its job, and while you are at it stay firm on your standards!