How Did Coronavirus COVID-19 Reach Pakistan?

How Did Coronavirus COVID-19 Reach Pakistan?

Various TV anchors and show hosts blame Sayed Zulfiqar Bukhari for importi the deadly COVID-19 disease into Pakistan.

As Pakistani leaders get together to fight against this COVID-19 pandemic the blame game about who brought the disease into the country is still on.  This is another issue which needs to be fealty with because it can ultimately become a serious threat for the entire nation and its unity. 

As per the recent developments, a scholar stated that Special Assistant to the PM for Overseas Pakistanis Sayed Zulfiqar Bukhari is responsible for bringing this deadly disease into the country.

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The mishap occurred when people upon returning from Iran skipped the quarantine for 14 days and went normally to their homes. This ended up in an increased amount of patients on daily basis. 

Zulfiqar was under investigation and his phone records were checked to verify the facts. Also the screenshots of his wrong doings were also shared regarding the matter and his discussions about letting people from Iran inside the country.

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The accused person does feel responsible and states that he is monitoring the situation and it is all under his watch.

In one of the screenshots of his WhatsApp conversations with the alleged religious scholar involved with him Tayyaba Bukhari it is mentioned that she was disappointed with Zulfiqar as she relied upon her. 

In reply to her, Zulfiqar said that we couldn’t just take him out as the same rule is applied in everyone. Numerous Pakistani’s health are at risk and rules won’t be broken for anyone. It is mandatory that they should complete the mandatory quarantine time.