How To Be Happy: A Journey Towards Happiness

How To Be Happy: A Journey Towards Happiness

As the world is advancing so are we. With this fast-paced, always changing era we forget what we are feeling inside, we forget to give a name to our constant feeling of sadness, we forget to notice our constant unhappiness.

Surely not just a bad day can be called depression, falling in depression is a process that happens gradually and escalates without one even noticing. Almost if not many we have people in our circle whom we know are facing depression, stress, and anxiety every day.

We see them struggle, we see them trying to live everyday life but we fail to get them out of their darkness. We all have our routines set out every day for things that need to be done. If we are career-oriented we make our professional life consume us with constant thinking about ways to earn more money, to achieve success, to get a better lifestyle in terms of (better house, money, clothes, and new gadgets), pay bills, house rent, educational expense, things that are necessary but not that much that we forget about our own wellbeing.

What we are not focusing on is how to be happy because we are so focused on chasing things that we forget to differentiate what’s necessary and what’s a luxury.

A clear mind helps you achieve goals that you have set, a  clear mind gives you room to be creative, a clear mind helps you get efficient and effective at your life, a clear mind helps you understand your issues well and create solutions for you.

If the mind isn’t clear, you are more likely to get confused and to become efficient, you may start doing so many things at one time that will make you lose track of what you were supposed to do at the beginning. Most importantly if the mind is not clear you are not happy.

If you have decided that now is the time for you to take a lifelong break from a chaotic mind, we suggest that you take this initial step, if you are having a good day: note down those things that are making your happy day. Or if you are having a bad day: note down the things that make you feel bad so that in the future you don’t fall into the same trap.

Don’t take life too seriously. Find ways to live a happy life. Make a commitment with yourself to live the life you want to live. Look around and find things that make you happy, that cheer you up and give you energy. If you are still struggling and find yourself unable to answer the question in your mind on HOW TO BE HAPPY. We have prepared some strategies that might help you reach your quest:

  1. Block negative thoughts
  2. Adapt a healthy lifestyle
  3. Connect with your friends and family
  4. Break bad habits
  5. Be kind with everyone
  6. Do charity
  7. Get rid of toxic people and relationship
  8. Read books
  9. Become a kid for a moment
  10. Do prayer therapy

1. Block negative thoughts

For living a happy life we must analyze our thought processes. Our mental attitude plays an important role in our lives. If we continuously think negatively it leads us to depression, anxiety and sadness. We should block and overcome negative thoughts by adapting a positive mindset to bring peace, joy, happiness and success.

Indeed it’s not easy to create a positive mindset and pay attention to the good but it’s not impossible. A human mind is an amazing place where we as humans have the ability to manipulate it the way we want to.

So an easy thing you can do to develop a positive mind is to make a habit of sitting quietly just for 5 to 10 minutes and think about good things that are happening in your life.

Think about the things that you have right now like how you are healthy, you are alive, you have a family, you have friends. Inhale the positivity and exhale the black smoke of bad experiences that you have faced in the past. Do this consistently and after some few days you will see amazing changes in life.

2. Adapt a healthy lifestyle

To create a healthy lifestyle one must know how to balance it. When you draw the line between your work life and your personal life that’s when you can easily manage to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Yes it’s important to earn for your expenses, yes it’s important to work hard to achieve your goals because no one will do it for you have to do it yourself but without having a healthy balance you won’t be able to do it.

Take some time out for yourself and do the things that you like on the daily basis. This is your ME TIME. Your ME TIME should be about you only, so if you like to watch a movie, watch a movie. If you like hanging out with friends, hang out with friends. If you like going on a walk, go for a walk, if you are a fitness freak, join a gym. You can also indulge in some yoga or meditation.

if you like to read, read motivational books/articles and of course listen to good music always. Choose those things that make you happy which takes you out of your life worries for some little time daily.

3. Connect with your family and friends

It’s a fact that close relationships make us quite happier than money and fame. If you are having troubles, we recommend you to start connecting with your loved ones. Plan a trip or a BBQ party with your family and friends, watch a movie with them, play indoor games, have a chat while sipping coffee, take out your family on dinner, go on a concert with your friends just take a break from your busy life and spend a good time with people that are close to you and you are to them it will make give you a refreshing start and you feel amazingly happy.

4. Break bad habits

It’s really necessary for living a happy life to break bad habits. Simply write down your bad habits in a journal and create a goal to break these bad habits and adapt to good habits. Now you can use some of the best goal tracking apps to break your bad habits and adapt to good ones.

Thanks to modern technology, these goal tracker apps make your life easy. They are not just there to track your goals but also give you reminders to achieve goals with daily progress info of your goals.

5. Be kind with everyone

Want to feel a sudden thrill of happiness? Spread kindness. When you do this you will get a reciprocated response from others that will make you feel like you have achieved something really huge.

A simple way of doing this is just to have small talk with people you are associated with, pass on a smile and ask them How can I be of any help to you? You may not get the same delightful response every time, so when that happens try to understand their condition and help them.

If you are a man and you have ladies at home, help them with house chores. We can also be a great help in our workplaces. We can be good neighbors and we can be good family members and good friends by just spreading kindness.

6. Do charity and social work

Philanthropy is the biggest stress reliever therapy. Giving back to others will not only make them happy but will also make you happy. This sudden boost of happiness gives us a natural high feeling. This act of giving and helping someone helps us combat our anxiety.

When you are out and you find homeless people on your way, whatever hour it is, buy them food. Get them a monthly grocery cause they are not as lucky as you to afford meals twice or thrice a day. Become a social worker for an hour.

Go to hospitals, old age houses, or handicapped children’s schools, cheer them up, spend some time there, and help the staff. Make a habit of giving and helping others, when you see a smile and glow on their faces Happiness will develop inside of you.

7. Get rid of toxic people and relationship

Here is something else you need to do in order to make your life happier. Begin by getting all the toxic people out of your life. There are two kinds of relationships. Nourishing relationship and Toxic relationship.

Nourishing relationships are the ones that motivate you, they give you peace and love, they inspire you to be a better person, they help you reach your goals. They bring the best out of you.

Toxic relationships are the ones that remind you of the mistakes you have made, they make you count your flaws, they bring negative thoughts, they make you feel the bad person in the relationship. These kinds of people increase your blood pressure level, they always criticize you, always see faults in you. Toxic relationships spoil your whole life. So don’t ruin your life for them.

Ask yourself simple questions like Does this relationship inspire me? Does this relationship make me strong mentally, spiritually, and emotionally? Am I becoming a better person? Does this relationship encourage me to develop greatness?

Make a list of people that you want to communicate with and be associated with. By the time you will learn and find out who is better for you and who is not. Through this, you will learn to choose people wisely.

8. Read books

Books are man’s best friend. They provide an enjoyable company that no one can give us. Good books always help us, guide us, and do changes in ourselves. Here we recommend some books on how to be happy that will definitely help you to change your way of living.

1. The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler

2. Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman

3. Happiness Is an Inside Job: Practicing for a Joyful Life by Sylvia Boorstein

4. The Happiness Factor: How to Be Happy No Matter What! by Kirk Wilkinson

5. Happiness beyond Thought: A Practical Guide to Awakening by Gary Weber

9. Become a kid for a moment

If you are feeling stressed and not in a good mood. Just go to the park with your kids and play with them. Become a kid with them, do silly things. Play football or any game to divert your mind to enjoy the moment. If you are single, join the little player’s team, ask them to add you in a team for a day and play with them. Trust us when you are done playing with these little creatures you will feel relaxed, calm and happy.

10. Do prayer therapy

If you are not in a mood to go anywhere or talk to anyone, so talk to God. Do prayer therapy to meditate yourself, to heal yourself. Prayer therapy does miracles. Sit in a place where you are comfortable and there is no one to disturb you. 

Talk to God about the matters you are facing, tell him everything, and ask him to help you and pull the burden from you. Do it for 15 to 20 minutes. you can also do affirmations or also you can listen to lectures of some of best life coaches and motivational speakers.