How to block a number on iPhone and Android

How to block a number on iPhone and Android

At some point in life, you may encounter a stalker or a creep trying to invade your privacy. If someone is teasing you by making calls and sending unwanted messages, you will definitely like to get rid of them. If you don’t want to hear from unknown contacts or creeps and you want to get rid of them, do you know how to block them? Well, it is very easy to do that, every phone has a feature to block unwanted numbers. For this reason, we made this guide on how to block number on iPhone and Android. In this article, you will also learn how to stop unwanted texts and spam messages so you can use your phone peacefully.

This article is also useful for those who want to learn how block numbers whether you want to take a temporary or permanent break from someone, so let’s find out:

Block calls and messages on the iPhone:

There are two way to block calls and messages

  1. The simplest way to block a number is just going to your iPhone contact list—click on the caller that you want to block got to the bottom where you will see an option “Block this Caller” tap it and confirm it. The annoying person is blocked now and will never bother you again.
  2.  The second way is also very simple, just go into your phone setting menu—select phone and here you will find sub-menu in which you will see “call blocking and identification”. After finding out the submenu, a list of blocked contacts will be visible to you and in the end, you will find an option to block a number. Then simply select the contact number you want to block and block it.

If you accidentally gave your number to an unknown or unwanted person just add their number and follow the above process.

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Block calls and messages on Android:

Blocking a number for Android users is pretty simple and similar to the iPhone. Just go to in contact list find a number that you want to block tap on the contact on the top right corner of your screen you will see three dots click on it and select “Block Number”.

There isn’t any specific block list in Android phone so you have to add a number and then block it.

The numbers you blocked are still in your contact list so if you want to unblock these numbers simply follow the same process to unblock.

Remember don’t block the ones who need you and love you! Block those who are invading your privacy and snatching your peace. Do you like this article? Let us know in the comments!