How to Delete Netflix history

How to Delete Netflix history

Finally, you can delete your history on Netflix service but unfortunately, it’s only available on Android and iOS devices. Although you can’t erase your complete watch history (if you want to do that the only way is to make a new profile to fresh start on Netflix) but still it’s better than nothing. Now you can delete the entries of continue watching list and I think it’s enough for most users. In this article, you will learn How to Delete Netflix history.

Now you are able to get rid of unwanted shows and movies and entry of continue watching list on all devices.

Below we explain how to clear your Netflix history:

How to delete Netflix History

On Android and iOS deleting Netflix watching history is quite simple, just go to the Netflix app continue watching list—click on the three dots of the entry—sub menu will show up here you will see ‘Remove from row’ option in the bottom of sub menu.

For the confirmation of your choice you made a menu will pop up. When you will click on the option what it will do is remove the TV show, series and movie from your watch list. You can still search for them individually and watch it again. What’s great about it is that you can pick up exactly from where you left off before deleting the history.

This feature is quite easy especially if you have watched one episode of a season and you don’t seem to like it. So whenever you open Netflix app it definitely shows up. This feature also helps you to get rid off embarrassing trailer of any content. Due to all of these reasons you have the option to delete your Netflix history and make your homepage according to your preference.