How to Download iOS 14 on your iPhone

How to Download iOS 14 on your iPhone

If you want to download and use new iOS 14 on your phone, so we have good news for you that Apple has finally release iOS 14, and if your iPhone is compatible with this new software so you can download it now.

When you update your phone to iOS 14 you will get home screen widgets so you can further customize your phone’s main display as well as the long-awaited App Library, App Clips, and more other features.

The Beta version of iOS 14 has been available for some time, but finally on September 16 Company released the final software, so you can download it now

Note that iOS 14 is not available for all iPhones, so if you have older than iPhone 6S you will not get the full version of iOS 14. If you have a 6S or recent iPhone series so scroll down and read a step-by-step guide to update your phone to iOS 14.

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We always recommend you to first backup your phone before starting software update.

Before start updating your phone, back up your all apps and data. This software is as firm as any normal update, but it’s a good practice to make sure that you backed up all your phone data.

It’s a bit easy, you just have to start downloading the software, and the rest iPhone will do.

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Head to the setting app (the one with a grey background with a cog in the center) and then head to the General, Here you will see a section called software update.

In software update, you should find an update waiting and ready to update with the tab called Download and install. If you haven’t updated the previous version of the software so first, you need to that before updating your phone to iOS 14.

In case you don’t see the iOS 14 update here, you will see in few days, if not so it’s possible that you are already using the software, and for that, on this page you will know the latest version of the software that you are using.