How to Download iPadOS 14 on your iPad

How to Download iPadOS 14 on your iPad

iPadOS 14 is released and now you can download it on your iPad. If your iPad is compatible. IPadOS 14 will you give access to Apple’s latest operating systems on your iPads.

iPadOS 14 comes up with some new features like home screen widgets, handwriting recognition, low-power mode, and more, it also includes many of iOS 14 features, so absolutely downloading iPadOS is worth it if your iPad runs it.

You can download the latest version on any iPad that is running iPadOS 13, so if you have iPad Air tablets (from generation 2), iPad Minis (From Fourth generation) entry-level iPads (From 5th generation), and all iPad Pro models so you can get this latest Apple’s software.

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Its really easy to download iPadOS 14, and It will take almost an hour depending on your internet speed, and you can do your work on your iPad while the software is updating. Below are a step-by-step guide to download Apple’s iPadOS 14.

We explain following steps in detail to make easy for you to how to download iPadOS 14 on your iPad.

Prepare your IPad for downloading

The first and important thing to make sure that your iPad is fully charged because downloading takes time so there will be no risk of running out of battery during downloading. We recommend you that your iPad should have at least a 50% battery before getting iPadOS 14.

Make sure your internet is working properly, because if you lost internet connection so you have to start it all over again.

One more important thing that we always recommend our readers, backup all iPad apps and data, if something goes wrong during downloading so your data will be safe. It’s always a good practice to backup all your data on the cloud or an external drive.

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Go to settings menu

First go to the settings App, In left bar, select General, then Software update, which you will see second down on that list. Here you will see iPadOS 14 update profile, if you don’t see iPadOS 14 update here it means you tablet isn’t compatible, or maybe update is not available in your region yet. Do check frequently to see if the update is available or not.

If you see early version of iPadOS, it means you are many versions behind, so you need to repeat this process few times to get the latest version of iPadOS.

If you see iPadOS 14 here just press download and install, to start the update process you will need to enter the password and accept the Terms and Conditions.

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Download and install iPadOS 14

After you complete the above process, ‘request’ the download will appear on your tab screen, nothing will happen for few minutes, but soon your iPad will start downloading iPadOS 14, it will took half an hour or more depending on the speed of your internet and the good thing is this time during update you can do whatever you want to do it.

Once download is done, your will see preparing Update on your screen, and this will take additional about 20 minutes, when this done select Install now and wait till the verifying update appears.

Restart your iPad

Once the iPados 14 downloaded and installed, your iPad will restart, and it will turn back to normal, and It will take a bit time than normal.

Now iPadOS 14 is installed on your iPad, so enjoy the latest feature and changes.