How to Download watchOS 7 on your Apple Watch

How to Download watchOS 7 on your Apple Watch

Apple released a brand new software update WatchOS 7 and that makes your Apple Watch even better. This update is available for all versions of Apple’s smartwatch.  After the first-ever WatchOS public beta version, the company releases a new software update for all its existing devices and now it’s ready to download for all who want to get the newest features on their Apple’s smartwatch.

This update brings some new features especially the sleep-tracking app, below we will tell you how to get watchOS 7 software on your devices with our step by step guide.

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Is your Apple Watch compatible with watchOS 7?

First thing you need to do is to check your Apple watch can run watchOS 7. For this latest software update you need Apple Watch 3 or newer, so if you have Apple watch series 1 or 2 so you can’t get this lastest update.  Below are the devices that can run WatchOS 7 are below:

Apple Watch 6 (comes with latest software watchOS 7)

Apple Watch SE (comes with latest software watchOS 7)

Apple Watch 5

Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch 3

First download iOS 14 onto your IPhone

If you want to download watchOS 7 on your Apple Watch, the first thing you need to do is to download iOS 14 on your iPhone. It’s very simple just go to setting > general > software update and follow the instructions.

Make sure your watch has enough Battery

Make sure your watch is fully charged or at least have a 50% battery before you download this software. But we recommend you to charge fully and place it in its cradle in the meantime you can go and do some work or have a cup of coffee.

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How to download and install watchOS 7

When your watch is fully charged up you are ready to go to download new software, before start downloading make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and place near to watch, also check your both device are paired.

Next step is open Apple watch app on your IPhone, go to “My Watch” and then General > Software Update.

You will find latest version og watchOS listed here, which is right now watchOS 7, so tap it, accept terms and conditions and your Apple watch and iPhone password and the update will start.

The progress wheel appear on your Apple Watch so it means the software is updating, now leave it to download the new update and install, update time depend on your internet speed because this will take time, and don’t quit the Apple Watch app or restart until its complete. When the update is complete your Watch will restart automatically and now you can access all its new features.