Hello, 911 I have a fashion emergency.

Hello, 911 I have a fashion emergency.

Everyone needs a little help at one point or another, and there’s nothing wrong with seeking it. Especially when it comes to fashion and style, a third opinion often forms the basis of our final judgement.

So look your very best with tips that have been tested and tried about a hundred times, and still come out as number one!

  1. Ditch the comfort zone. 

We don’t just mean physical comfort when we talk about ditching the comfort zone, in fact we are simply speaking about the self-consciousness at the back of your mind that keeps you from truly expressing your style. We agree to have a theme for your fashion sense, but holding on too tightly to an old pattern of dressing behaviour may hold you back from trying out new trends and experimenting with fashion which is literally what style is all about and trust us when we say this, you do not want to miss out.

  1. It doesn’t belong to you if it doesn’t fit you. 

You have to be honest with yourself because chances are you will probably be the only one that will. Most of the time, we hold ourselves back from getting rid of an old favourite in the hope of being able to fit into it again, and sometimes we keep extremely loose items of clothing for the sake of comfort. What we need to understand is that the degree to which our clothing sits well on our bodice is usually the determining factor to whether an outfit looks good or not.


  1. “But they looked good in it”. 

In addition to holding onto items of clothing that don’t easily fit, so many of us keep pieces that we know at the back of our minds don’t suit us. You could have bought it cause it’s was a famous trend back then, or someone you know looked great in it but you know that it does not look good on you. Remember, pieces like these only take up space in your closet and keep you from bringing in new fashion items that will actually make you feel confident instead.

  1. We’re all for a good bargain, but only if it’s worth it. 

A good discount can be quite convincing when your running late to an event and have to make up your mind about a specific product, but remember to only get something if you really need it, and you will know in your heart whether a fashion piece has its original place set in your closet. If you won’t wear what you buy, it’ll be a waste of money and space.

  1. Construct a theme. 

Being spontaneous with fashion is the key to a happy sense of style, but it is important to know what colours, patterns and types of materials suit you and your body so you can build a uniform for yourself. It’s good to have a theme to lean on when deciding on what to wear, because anything will look good but that special something will look great.

Just like everything else in life, it’s important to work together in reaching your best potential, so help your friends decide what looks best on them and take their opinion into account as well while knowing and understanding that the final decision should always be yours.