How To Stop Spreading False News Regarding The Pandemic

How To Stop Spreading False News Regarding The Pandemic

There are many news circulating these days in different websites and social media regarding the pandemic however one must verify before forwarding the news to someone else.

Here’s how you can check and verify the news and see if it’s hoax or not before sending it to others.

Wait and think!

We all want to help our family and friends and want to keep them safe and in the loop. And for that we forward any news that we get without verifying them. The best you can do to help them is wait and think before circulating misinformation. 

Check the source:

Always check the source of the news to see if it’s authentic to pass it on. If it is from a friend or distant relative then it might be a red flag. Mostly the news which are revolves around regarding the safety precautions and measures of the panjdemic are sent from WHO, NHS, UNICEF, CDC or reliable news sources like BBC or CNN. So always rely on authentic information only. 

It could be fake!

Look for known and verified social media accounts and websites. Don’t trust on screenshots or unverified posts from social media. There is always a possibility of official accounts being impersonated. If you notice any renowned source, check on their website or official account to make sure it is taken from their very page. 

If not sure, then don’t share!

Never forward anything which you think that we can share it just in case. This might cause harm than doing any good to others. Be certain of what you receive and what you want to circulate around your circle. 

Look into facts!

There’s always a voice note that’s revolving around WhatsApp. The person who recorded the audio might be a doctor or a colleague from a hospital. Usually it’s a mix of both accurate and inaccurate info. The things that we hear and see on TV and news might be true in that audio but the stats which are stated, always make sure that you look into them by checking from the reliable source such as number of deaths or cases of the pandemic.