How to use YouTube, chrome and Instagram dark mode

How to use YouTube, chrome and Instagram dark mode

The dark mode feature is talk of the town these days. YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, twitter and chrome added a new feature of dark mode which has numerous benefits. The dark mode is good news for the people who are on their phones most of the time. Dark mode consumes less battery which improves our phone’s battery life. It is scientifically proven that the mobile brightness and light has the same impact on a person’s brain as of daylight. Your mobile screen serves the same purpose as daylight, it makes you less sleepy and active. Using phone at night affects good sleep so it’s beneficial for those who mostly use their devices in bed before sleep. It reduces eye strain and you will feel that dark mode is much easier on the eyes than white once, and on top of that it looks so cool.

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Here we will explain you how you can switch to YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and chrome dark mode:


YouTube dark mode for Android

YouTube app automatically switches to dark mode In Android 10, if your phone’s system-wide dark mode is enabled. If this option is not enabled, you can go to your phone’s settings, select display, and select dark theme option. And if you are using Android 9 (Pie) or below, go to YouTube tap your profile icon at the top right then go to setting and select general, after that select appearance, and choose a dark theme from the list.

YouTube dark mode for iPhone

If you are using IOS 13 or later versions, you can enable dark mode for YouTube and other apps as well by simply going to your phone settings, tap ‘Display and brightness’, and select the dark option it will enable dark mode for all apps. If you are using older versions of IOS you can enable it through the Youtube app. Just tap on your profile icon go to settings and select dark theme to enable dark mode.

YouTube dark mode for desktop

If you want to enable dark mode for desktop make sure that you are logged into your google id, just click on the profile icon at the top corner right of the page and select dark theme from given options.


Instagram dark mode for iPhone

If you are using IOS 13 follow these to change system settings and use Dark mode Instagram. Go to your phone setting–‘Display and brightness’—select ‘Dark’ to change the theme and enjoy dark mode Instagram.

Instagram dark mode for Android

For Android 10 users who want to enable Instagram dark mode, follow these steps. Go to your phone settings—than tap Display—select dark theme to enjoy Instagram dark mode.

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Chrome dark mode for Windows 10

If you are using windows 10 and want to switch on Chrome Dark mode follow these steps.  Go to your chrome setting menu—select ‘Personalization—-tap on color scroll down and change  ‘Choose your default app mode’ to dark mode. It will transform all apps into dark mode including Chrome so there is no need to restart the browser.

Chrome dark mode for macOS

For macOS users, go to ‘System Preferences’, tap on ‘General’, select ‘Appearance’ than select Dark option and all apps will go to dark mode automatically.

Chrome dark mode for Android

Android Chrome dark mode is still in the experimental phase, so some features might look different. To activate dark mode enter chrome://flags in the browser’s address bar tap on the search box and enter the word “dark” here you will find two options ‘Android Chrome dark mode’ and ‘Android web contents dark mode’. If you activate first option Chrome will try to figure out whether the site has a dark version of it. If yes it will automatically turn into the dark mode and if there is no dark version available than chrome will invert the site color, by activating the second option browser interface will turn its self into dark mode.

Select the drop-down menu of these options and change its setting to Activated and restart the browser. Now again open the setting menu click on themes and select dark mode.

Chrome dark mode for iPad or iPhone

Google hasn’t launched Chrome dark mode on iOS, but it will launch soon and we will update you.


WhatsApp dark mode for Android

WhatsApp dark mode has also debuted and it is not rocket science to get it started: Open the app menu than Tap ‘Settings’—Tap ‘Chats’—Tap ‘Theme’—Select ‘Dark’

If you’re using your phone’s system-wide dark mode to change the color of all your apps, pick System default’ and it will change WhatsApp’s look.

WhatsApp dark mode for iPhone

When you get the latest update of the app, initiating WhatsApp dark mode as easy as on Android: Open the app menu than Tap ‘Settings’—Tap ‘Chats’—Tap ‘Theme’—Select ‘Dark’

Pick ‘System default’ to make WhatsApp embrace your phone’s system-wide color scheme automatically.

Dark mode may seem a minor change in the colors and brightness settings, but its benefits are way important than you think. Are you using dark mode in your apps? Let us know in the comments section!