How to wear flip-flops elegantly for summer 2021

How to wear flip-flops elegantly for summer 2021

Summer is about to begin and as the warm weather comes, so will our forgotten summer clothes. It’s time to take your shorts, skirts, and flip-flops out of the closet out to the sunlight. Besides sandals, flip-flops are the next popular shoes in the summer. The thing is flip-flops can actually be worn on different occasions and not just with casual outfits. Who said that we cannot wear them with elegant outfits as well and still look amazing?

Today, you will find out how to wear flip-flops with elegant clothing pieces and look your best!

Summer dresses

Summer dresses go well with everything! It’s only natural that if you end up wearing them with flip-flops, that they will look great as well. On top of that, flip-flops will go with any type of summer dress. So, if you are a fan of cottage core dresses, do not hesitate to also wear flip-flops with them.

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Jeans and shorts

We usually wear flip-flops with a nice pair of shorts. But, jeans also go great with them! If you have your favorite light blue jeans somewhere in your closet, be sure that they will look great combined with your flip-flops.

If you are a fan of an even more elegant look, add a blazer to your jeans or flip-flops. Oversized blazers have been a huge hit for the past two years, and summer 2021 is not excluded as well.  Do not be afraid to experiment with different patterns. We are sure that you will make the whole outfit look brilliant.


As well as dresses, skirts are also a must-have item for this summer. In fact, skirts with flip-flops have been considered a big trend back in the 90s. It’s needless to say that this trend will be seen a lot more this summer. Skirts and flip-flops are already winning over social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. On top of that, generation Z has actually brought this trend back from the dead, as well as many others!


Boho pants

And lastly, if you are a fan of a hippie kind of style, you probably have a pair or two of boho pants lying in your closet somewhere. If you do, know that these types of pants go great with flip-flops. Do not be afraid to add an ankle sea-shell bracelet if you have any, since it will look great!

Final words

Whatever you end up wearing, make sure that you feel comfortable in that outfit. Once you feel comfortable, you will gain all of the confidence you need to look your best! When we are confident enough, we shine with power!

If you want to make your outfit even better, add some belts, jewelry, and a nice handbag. Try to match all of the colors on the outfit to look awesome. Since pastel colors will also be a big hit for summer 2021, consider purchasing flip-flops in those colors!