How your Subconscious mind works.

How your Subconscious mind works.

There are two levels of mind, conscious mind, and subconscious mind, you can say that your conscious mind is a captain of the ship that controls and direct your subconscious mind.
Let us explain to you how both minds work together.

When you habitually think negatively or positively, the conscious mind conveys this idea to the subconscious mind and then it begins to execute it. If a person habitually thinks negatively it causes of failure, distress, and unhappiness, if a person habitually thinks positively it generates harmony, prosperity and a healthy life. You will experience good or bad, failure and win, a healthy and unhealthy life according to the nature of your thoughts.

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Now you understand that your conscious mind is the gatekeeper of your subconscious mind, the conscious mind has to protect the subconscious mind from false impress and negative statements.
By this example, you will understand how one’s negative suggestion or statement will affect you suppose you are on a ship and you say to another passenger something like this, you look ill; you are going to be sick. Your negative suggestion associates itself with his fear. His conscious mind accepts your negative suggestion and the subconscious mind begins to execute and passengers start getting sick and turns pale.

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Another example of Herbert Parkyn, she had a magical voice, but she kept saying that when the time comes I will try but I am full of fear and anxiety, her subconscious mind accept her negative statement bring them into her experience. She overcame it by following a simple technique. She used to isolate herself three times a day, sits comfortably in a chair, clams her body, closes her eyes, and start saying positive statements like, I sing beautifully, I am confident and calm, she repeats this statement slowly, quietly and feels the power of the positive statement. She repeats this statement ten to five times in each sitting at the end of the week she completely transformed her thoughts, which made her poised and confident.

There are two types of suggestions constructive and distractive, in all ages, the power of suggestion plays a vital role in everyone’s life all around the world. But it is totally on ourselves how we react on constructive and distractive suggestions.

Have you ever accepted any of these distractive suggestions? “You can’t” “don’t do this you will fail” “you haven’t got chance” “what’s the use, nobody cares” “you are too old now” “things are getting worse and worse” “your idea will fail” you will notice that many of those suggestions are deliberately given to you as a result of cannot see you succeed in your goals and prosperous.

Nobody have power on you to hurt you, make you feel down, it’s all dependent on your thoughts. So use your positive power to choose, to be friendly, joyous, lovable and the whole society will attract you. This is best to make your personality wonderful.