Huawei Left out by Canadian Carriers in launch of 5G Network

Huawei Left out by Canadian Carriers in launch of 5G Network

Canadian carriers BCE Inc. and Telus Corp. announced on Tuesday that they won’t be using Huawei equipment in their 5G networks and signed the deal with its rivals instead. BCE is the parent company of Bell. Both companies have announced that they will use equipment from Nokia and Ericsson, Scandinavian component makers, to form their next-gen 5G networks in Canada. Both Bell and Telus announced each of them would not continue the use of Huawei component parts.

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Bell (BCE Corp.) announced that its radio access network will be supplied by Ericsson, Swedish telecommunications equipment maker. They also stated that they were waiting for the Canadian economy to escape from the lockdown and crisis to launch its 5G services. Meanwhile, the British and Columbia-based Telus announced to use a combination of Nokia and Ericsson. Telus stated that it had spent CA$200 billion in the last two decades and decides to spend CA$40 billion for the next three years to successfully set up its 5G network.


Both Telus and Bell had previously used Huawei equipment in their networks. In February, Telus announced that they would be using Huawei components in their 5G network.

Ericsson is the second company Bell would be using for its 5G network along with Nokia. However, the absence of Huawei is definitely something as Huawei has become a bombshell due to its close association with the Chinese Government. Huawei has become a household name in Canada in the past few years after Huawei’s vice-president Meng Wangzhou got arrested at Vancouver’s airport two years back claimed to be at the request of U.S. authorities.

Many countries around the globe believe that Huawei could be used as a medium to spying around the world, due to its close relationship with the government of China. The United States and Australia have also banned telecom companies in their countries from using Huawei components in their 5G networks, it seems to be a plan to outcast Huawei from the Telecom industry. However Canadian authorities seem to be insecure regarding Huawei’s participation in the 5G network. Authorities have stated that they will take into account all the security factors, security agencies, and security allies in making the final decision.

But Tuesday’s decision by the telecom companies shows that the industry isn’t waiting to hire Huawei for this work in any way. Another important aspect is how Telus changed its decision even after announcing to work with Huawei equipment in February. Some are speculating that Canadian Telecom carriers don’t want to block out any possible arrangement with the U.S. telecom companies in the future.