Identifying Depression & Coping Up With It

Identifying Depression & Coping Up With It

We are living in an era where the world is changing every minute, and we need to keep up our pace with this continuously changing world. Life today is full of competition and challenges that were not present before. As time passes life becomes tough to handle especially if we don’t have the right approach. The main reason that leads to depression is negative thoughts because negative approach towards life and relationship can lead to severe consequences.

Financials and materialistic approach is increasing day by day. People think of luxuries and brands as a replacement of happiness, whereas happiness is not something you can buy. If you look around, people with strong financials are also suffering from severe depression and negative thoughts.

We need to understand the concept of depression and how it works. Depression basically changes

  • How a person feels
  • How a person thinks
  • How a person acts


Depressed person feels very sad, has low self-esteem and behaves strange. Depression can either lead to overeating or no appetite at all. It can lead to sleeping all day or no sleep at all. The worst part of depression is negative thoughts that could even lead to suicidal thoughts. Having pessimist approach is another sign of depression because the one thinks wrong of everyone including oneself.

Friends and family Support

The depressed person needs support from his friends and family more than anyone else and due to their behavior, they are left out that will lead to deterioration of their health and life. Depression needs to be treated immediately and anyone suffering from depression must consult a clinical psychologist for the treatment. Depression is like any other disease that needs to be treated. Depression doesn’t show physical symptoms right away but gradually with time it does, rather the symptoms are behavioral changes. Understanding basics of depression is very important for sake of your loved ones and for yourself as well so you can take care of yourself and people around you.

Following are some points that you need to follow for prevention of depression and even for the cure


Blaming others for what happens in your life may give you mental relief for a short span of time but it is trait of losers. Taking responsibility of your mistakes, actions and failures is trait of positive and successful people.


Be Thankful

Gratitude is a positive trait. Instead of thinking what others have, we should focus on what we have. If we think positively everything we have is a blessing, even if you are reading this article you are blessed because you have eyes, education, electronic gadget and leisure time to read it. Being thankful for what we have brings a drastic change in our lives as it changes our perception completely. We become thankful for their love, care and support in our lives.

Learning from Failures

Instead of grieving on our failures, we should take lesson from them. If we read life of Jack Ma and his journey through failures and how he ended up being CEO of one of the biggest e-commerce site, we realize how trying again n again and hard work leads to success. Here we would like to recommend you to study biographies of famous and successful people; it will really give you motivation of how to convert your negative energy into positive, how they have faced the failures countless times and still never lost hope.

Mental Health

Depression is getting very common and it is leading to deteriorated mental health of many. A good mental health leads to good physical health as well. Depression in pregnancy and post-partum depression cases are rapidly increasing which affects the unborn and newborn baby as well. Emotional support from spouse, friends and family helps depressed people cope up their mental health.

Forgetting Past

Holding grudges and hatred in our heart destroys our positivity instead gives us negative energy that leads to disturbed mental state and unexplained behavior. Try to move on from your breakup, failure and even circumstances we cannot control like death of our loved ones. YES! Failure, breakup and death of a loved one hurt you and have a strong impact on you but there is always a reason to smile, there is always a reason to live your life, there is always someone who cares for you and there is always hope to go on, we just need to find one.

Positive Thoughts

Negative thoughts are the main reason for depression or it may be an outcome of depression. The thought process of a person helps him processing information through experiences, it helps a person to reason, plan, and evaluate facts which lead to decision making and problem-solving.

Not even a single life is born without purpose; we just need to find the purpose of our life. We need to find the ways we can make a difference in this world in a positive way. Doing a job that pays you well is not purpose of your life. You need to know yourself first to know the purpose of your life. Work on your habits, your skills. Do something that you enjoy and gives you direction and purpose of your life.

Optimizing relationships

No person in this world can live alone. Thus in order to stay sane you need to have relationships.. Prioritize your life in a way that you give your quality time to your loved ones. Though breakup is the most common reason of depression in many youngsters, one should realize that a breakup is better than a toxic relationship. We should spend time with those who make us better person instead of those who are reason of negativity in our life. Love yourself first; if you’ll don’t love yourself why anyone else should?


Patience is the key to success. Nature is the best example of patience. Everything happens perfectly on a defined time. For example night and day, weather cycle, planets orbiting around sun etc. are proof that patience is one of nature’s characteristics. Patience helps observe, think better, analyze facts, plan better and it makes you try again n again until you reach your goal.

By following above mentioned things you can have a healthy mental as well as physical life. It will also help you take care of your friends/relatives having any symptom of depression. Life is precious and it’s a gift from God and we find the purpose/goal of our life to keep going on.

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